Dr. Dan Posey recruits at WTAMU

Many faculty, graduate students, and students took part in the 2016 Texas FFA/CFFA Conventions from Sunday, July 10th through Thursday, July 14th. This year’s convention was held in Dallas, Texas and was another huge success for West Texas A&M University (WTAMU)! Our recruitment booth was filled with prospective students almost non-stop from the time the trade show opened until the trade show closed. Eight WTAMU students participated in the Texas CFFA Convention and represented us well in competition and in state officer positions. Again, it was a great week, and thanks to each of those who went and rode for the WTAMU brand this year. Here are highlights below:

WT Recruitment at the Trade Show:

  • Special thanks to Hope Sorrells, Mallory Leach, and Dr. Posey for leading this effort throughout the three days and to everyone else from our team who assisted! Dr. Posey even recruited a valet from the hotel to study at WT!
  • Thanks to Hope, Mallory, and Dr. Robertson for coordinating our new recruiting materials and giveaways. During the three days 1,000 cups, 900 sunglasses, and 800 bags were given away, all with our branding on them!

Texas FFA Convention:

  • Special thanks to Dr. Robertson for chairing the Texas FFA Extemporaneous Speaking Competition for the two days of the event!
  • Congrats to WT Students Micah Davidson and Brice Boyd for completing their terms as Texas FFA State Officers!  They became known as the Buff Brothers and told the WT story throughout the state of Texas this past year!

Texas Collegiate FFA Convention:

  • Special thanks to Tarlton Holloway, Marcus Preuninger, Chase Fulton, Darcy Thompson, Jacy Brown, and Malia Marion for representing WTAMU in the two-day professional development conference.
  • Special thanks to Mr. Wolf for advising/coaching/mentoring these students during the two days of activities.
  • Congrats to Tarlton Holloway on completing his term as Texas CFFA state vice president.
  • Congrats to Malia Marion for being elected Texas CFFA secretary for 2016-17.
  • Congrats to our WTAMU students on their accomplishments in the competitive events with Texas CFFA:
  1. Extemporaneous Speaking – 1st Chase Fulton, 2nd Tarlton Holloway
  2. Prepared Public Speaking – 2nd Malia Marion
  3. Quiz Bowl – 2nd Place Team Member Jacy Brown, 3rd Place Team Member Chase Fulton
  4. Chapter Activity Team Presentation – 1st Place Service, 1st Place Professional Development (Jacy, Tarlton, and Malia)