Pet Talk

Sleeping Disorders in Animals

Maybe you’ve seen the comical home video on ‘YouTube’ titled “sleepwalking fail”? It is a short clip of a sleeping dog that starts to “run” horizontally in his sleep, then suddenly jumps up and slams into a wall! Although the video is seriously funny, there is nothing funny about what might be wrong with this […]

Socially Acceptable!

Have you ever taken a brand new puppy on its first walk, or to a dog park with other dogs? This can sometimes be a difficult undertaking, seeing as puppies have yet to be exposed to many humans and animals in their young life. But dogs and cats need to develop social skills just as […]

Preparing for Pet Emergencies

Our pets are more than just animals; they are members of our families. We rely on our pets for companionship just as they rely on us for love and care. When a pet dies or gets injured we are often left in a state of panic and chaos. “No one wants to think about the […]

Picking A Pet

Whether you are a college student with the new found freedom to have your own pet, the parent of a child pleading for a furry addition to the family, or a veteran pet owner looking to add a different species to your family; choosing the right pet for your lifestyle requires thought and planning. Pets […]

Beware the Skunks

With the fall season in sight, many of us will venture to the great outdoors and go camping. All kinds of fascinating creatures can be found in the great outdoors, but when your puppy is roaming around, beware the skunks! Puppies especially can become curious when they come across these foreign creatures, but skunks are […]

Animal-assisted Therapy

Depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety threaten the health of our society. Oftentimes, old age and rehabilitation foster the negative emotional, psychological and physical ailments that can take a damaging toll on our well-being. Prescription medications and psychiatrists work hard to provide the suffering with help, but sometimes a sloppy, wet kiss from a furry friend […]

Born To Be Wild

There is perhaps one moment in almost everyone’s life when they come across a baby raccoon, squirrel, or even deer fawn, which seems to be helpless and alone. We tend to think that the only way these cute little animals will survive is with our tender loving care. Other times, our culture considers it trendy […]

Pet Hygiene

Looking neat and smelling clean are crucial aspects of social interaction for most people. While we also like our animals to smell and look nice, there are many other important reasons to maintain their hygiene. “Bathing and grooming your pets is helpful for their appearance, but even more so for their health and well-being,” explains […]

Ear Care for Pets

Hot, humid days are rapidly approaching as summer slowly begins. The season means finally diving into the neighborhood swimming pool, children on summer vacation running through the streets, and grass lawns growing at seemingly breakneck speeds. But summer could also mean painful ear infections for your pet. Heat, moisture and even grass clippings could cause […]

Animal Influenza

The recent emergence and spread of the Swine Flu virus, also known as H1N1, has affected people throughout the world. From school closings to cancelled vacations, the Swine Flu has caused a lot of concern. These concerns have led many to take extended precautions for themselves, their spouses and their children. But what, if any, […]