Pet Talk

Pet Wellness

Taking care of our pets is a year round commitment. However, caring for our animals is more than simply making sure they have food, water, and shelter each day. Making sure pets visit their veterinarian for regular check-ups is vital to their overall wellness as well. October is National Pet Wellness Month. Sponsored by The […]

Pet Health Insurance

In the past few years veterinary medicine has made leaps and bounds in the types of procedures that are available for animals. Pet medical histories are beginning to resemble that of their owners. Cancer treatments, pacemakers and other surgical procedures are becoming more accessible and common for our furry friends. With the rising costs and […]

Evacuating With Your Pets

Hurricane season isn’t over yet. In the wake of Hurricane Ike’s wrath, we are again reminded of the stress and chaos that can come from evacuations. Though a difficult time for everyone, pet owners have the added responsibility of making sure their furry (or scaly) friends are safe. First and foremost, do not leave your […]

Prevention The Key To Eliminating Rabies

Sunday (Sept. 28) is World Rabies Day, a global effort to raise awareness in support of animal and human rabies prevention. This day was set aside to educate people around the globe about the impact of rabies, how it can be prevented and how to eliminate the sources that contribute to the death of 55,000 […]

Giving Your Pet Pills

Medicines are intended to enhance and protect the health of our pets but giving oral medication to companion animals can be a trying process. Have no fear pet caregivers, there are proven techniques that will make pilling your pet a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. “Choking and poisoning should be the first line of […]


If your Spot is seeing spots, cataracts could be to blame. As people age, they often develop vision problems, including cataracts. The same holds true for your aging pet. Bumping into objects and failing to retrieve toys may be signs of vision loss. These are especially significant if they occur within the pet’s normal environment, […]

Safe Toys for Pets

It is never desirable to leave a pet at home alone, but when it is necessary, it is nice to know the pet will be entertained. But the price of entertainment can be high when the pet is left with inappropriate toys; some toys may cause choking or even require surgery to eliminate the problem. […]

Risks of Shock Collars and Fences

There are many options available for new pet owners when it comes to training the new member of the family. The most controversial method of training is the use of shock collars or shock fences. Many stories and photos have surfaced in the media recently showing animals who have been harmed by these devices. The […]

The Importance of Supplements for Your Pets

We all want our pets to live long, happy and healthy lives. In order to achieve this, we take them for their annual veterinary appointments, make sure they get plenty of exercise and feed them the best pet food we can afford. Some of us even go so far as to give our pets vitamins […]

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