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BIMS Program Funds Students for Fall Enrollment

Posted February 27, 2015

The Texas A&M biomedical sciences undergraduate program, or BIMS—which is the only undergraduate program fully within the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences—welcomed approximately 2,100 students for the 2014 fall semester’s enrollment, with 800 of them as incoming freshmen.

“It is safe to estimate that approximately 70 percent of the incoming class of students in BIMS is from the top 10 percent of their graduating high school class,” said Dr. Elizabeth Crouch, head of BIMS. “And over 20 percent of our total enrolled students are first generation college attendees.”

In addition to the large influx of new students for the fall semester, there has also been an increased number of scholarships awarded to BIMS students for the 2014–2015 school year. Thirty-two BIMS students were awarded approximately $50,000. The awardees received scholarships from the following funds:

  1. Biomedical Sciences Association (BSA) Student Group–Student Association (16 students)
  2. Raymond Dickson Foundation Scholarship (five students)
  3. Biomedical Sciences Association (BSA) Parents’ Association Scholarship (four students)
  4. Dr. Anne Marie Emshoff ’90, DVM ’94 Scholarship (four students)
  5. Alison Lindorfer Scholarship (one student)
  6. Garlyn Shelton Auto Group Scholarship (one student)
  7. Nancy M. and Brock D. Nelson ’90 Scholarship in Biomedical Sciences (one student)
  8. Ralph Clark Dunn Scholarship (one student)
  9. W. Dan Roberts, DVM ’38 Endowed Scholarship (one student)

An additional 55 students received $1,000 each from designated tuition funds, and approximately eight transfer students will be given $16,000 from the provost.

“I am so grateful to have been selected out of the many biomedical sciences students to be a recipient of the Nancy M. and Brock D. Nelson ’90 Scholarship,” said BIMS student and scholarship recipient David Westra. “This endowment has opened my eyes to the wonders of the Aggie family and how much it truly leans on each other for support. I hope to one day be a contributor just like Mr. and Mrs. Nelson.”

Cynthia Giovannetti, a BIMS recipient of the Dr. Anne Marie Emshoff ’90, DVM ’94 Scholarship, also expressed her excitement and gratitude towards her selection.

“Her generosity goes beyond aiding me financially through college; it demonstrates her confidence in me and her support of my future endeavors,” said Giovannetti. “To have Dr. Emshoff believe in my potential to succeed is the greatest compliment of all, one that is inspiring and motivating.”


Contact Information: Megan Palsa,, Office: 979-862-421, Cell: 979-421-3121

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