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Veterinary Students Participate with SPCA in 'Animal Cops Houston'

Posted August 07, 2014

CVM veterinary students at the HSPCA are filmed as part of the television show 'Animal Cops Houston.'
CVM veterinary students at the HSPCA are filmed as part of the television show "Animal Cops Houston."

A select group of Texas A&M veterinary students were recently given the unique opportunity to communicate their knowledge of various animal health issues during their participation with the Houston SPCA for Animal Planet’s filming for “Animal Cops Houston.”

Animal Cops is a show featured on the Animal Planet network that follows and highlights the work of animal cruelty investigators. This particular series was set in Houston and followed the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HSPCA) to investigate animal cruelty and take necessary measures to protect the animals.

“This is the first time we have worked with veterinary students on an Animal Cops show, and witnessing their experiences of working with the Houston SPCA agents and veterinary team gives us a new perspective on the work carried out at the shelter,” said David Terry, production manager for Animal Cops. “The presence of the students in the series really helps us layer our stories by weaving interviews from experienced professionals with reactions from those seeing animal cruelty for the first time.”

Laura Saunders, a Texas A&M veterinary student who participated in the filming, explained her experience working and communicating alongside professionals on the show. “I think the big thing I learned was that you have to be able to communicate at a level where everyone will understand,” said Saunders. “There would be times during an interview where the film crew would ask me or the veterinarian what a specific term was and we would get the chance to further explain it. It was a great experience.”

The students not only gained valuable communication skills and new experiences, but also learned about animal cruelty issues as they worked alongside this influential organization and ultimately helped to save many animals’ lives.

“Working with the Texas A&M veterinary students on the making of Animal Cops Houston was a great experience,” said Terry. “We were, and continue to be, very impressed with the caliber of students coming to the shelter and the ‘can do’ attitude they bring with them.”

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