Making Your Home Dairy Less Scary: Pasteurization And Safe Milk Production

Hobby farmers can reap many benefits from owning food animals in a domestic environment; among these are eggs, fiber, companionship, and for owners of animals like cows, miniature cows, and goats, milk. However, milk obtained from an animal needs to be treated through a process called pasteurization in order to be fit for consumption. “Pasteurization […]

A Sound Season: What To Know About Bull Breeding And The BSE

Cattle owners who are looking to expand their herd should consider a Breeding Soundness Examination (BSE), a quick and routine evaluation of a bull’s reproductive abilities done by a veterinarian prior to the breeding season. A vital tool in supporting our nation’s food supply, this examination facilitates a bull’s ability to breed more effectively and […]

Newcomer Puts Nearly Two Decades Of Dairy Management Experience To Work For VERO, Texas Panhandle

Large animal medicine is not a path for the faint of heart, requiring long days outside, a healthy respect for the physical power of livestock, a delicate understanding of rural communities, and, oftentimes, a strong stomach. Luckily, Dr. Benjamin Newcomer, a clinical associate professor with the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ […]


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