Osteosarcoma (OSA), the most common bone cancer, represents about 85% of bone tumors in dogs. These aggressive tumors spread rapidly, and once diagnosed, should be taken very seriously. “OSA commonly affects the limbs of large or giant breed dogs, but can also occur in other parts of the skeleton, such as the skull, ribs, vertebrae, […]

Dog Walking Your Way into the New Year

Just as many of us try and start the new year off with a healthy new workout routine, the same should be true of our pets. Whether they’re old or young, large or small, all pets should be properly exercised on a routine basis to ensure their health and happiness. Since we all have busy […]

Veterans and Their Dogs

Decorated Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell was the only survivor of a 2005 mission in Afghanistan.  He is considered the “Lone Survivor” because the mission was the largest loss of life in Seal history.  Upon returning from combat, Luttrell received a Labrador retriever named D.A.S.Y. to help him cope with the loss of his teammates.  D.A.S.Y., […]

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Like people, dogs are susceptible to the negative effects of aging on the mind and body. Canine cognitive dysfunction or “doggie dementia” is a disorder similar to dementia in people. “Signs for canine cognitive dysfunction include problems with learning, housetraining, awareness of surroundings, and problems with the wake/sleep cycle,” said Dr. Joseph Mankin, clinical assistant […]

PTSD in Dogs

When most people think of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, veteran soldiers might come to mind or perhaps someone who has experienced a bad car accident or a natural disaster. The reality is that people are not the only ones capable of having this anxiety disorder; animals experience it as well. PTSD is an anxiety […]

Jogging With Your Dog

Jogging with a friend can help keep you motivated and fit. So should your jogging buddy be short or tall, blonde or red-haired, two or four-legged? “Dogs need exercise just like people and jogging is a good way to do this,” notes J. David Sessum, RVT, veterinary technician at the College of Veterinary Medicine & […]

Dog Dementia

As we age, we notice our bodies and minds may not be as quick as they once were. Luckily for humans, we are able to voice problems and pains and seek the medical attention we need; our dogs are not so lucky. While “Doggie Dementia” or canine cognitive disease does exist, Dr. Daniel Hicks, a […]


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