Holy Cow!

Comparative immunologist Michael Criscitiello and a team of researchers from across the country are using “special” cattle antibodies to make medical breakthroughs in the areas of HIV and, hopefully soon, triple-negative breast cancer. Story by Jennifer Gauntt   “Cows do neat things,” said Michael Criscitiello, an associate professor in the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVM) Department […]

Beefing Up Cattle

CVM professor Tom Welsh’s research focus on how Brahman cattle respond to stress will impact both the health of the animal and the health of the industry. Story by Ashli Villarreal   Many American beef producers raise Angus-dominated herds, but as worldwide temperatures increase, there will be an increased need for tropically adapted animals. Brahman cattle do well […]

Keeping a Pet Pig

Imagine a pet that is loyal, affectionate, and intelligent. You’re probably thinking of a dog or cat, but this description can also apply to pigs. Many people have come to find that pigs make excellent and entertaining pets, and are often similar to dogs in terms of care and behavior. Evelyn Mackay, a resident veterinarian […]

Bovine vaccinations keep cows ‘happy’

Vaccinations are an essential component of preventative medicine when it comes to protecting the health of a herd of cattle. As National Immunization Awareness Month comes to a close, Dr. Brandon Dominguez, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, recommends that cattle begin a routine vaccination schedule […]

Miniature donkeys as pets

If you live on at least one to two acres of grass and want a unique pet, a miniature pet donkey may be for you. However, like any pet, miniature donkeys need training, food, shelter, and veterinary care, which means you must be fully committed before getting one. Evaluating your commitment to a miniature donkey […]

Pet Pygmy Goats

With their playful temperaments and small, compact size, it is no surprise that pygmy goats are often sought after as pets. However, since goats are deemed livestock, you must check with your homeowners’ association or deed restriction before bringing one home.  If in doing this you discover it is allowed, here are some tips for […]

Bringing Home Babe: What You Need To Know Before Bringing Home Your First Pig

When most people think of their ideal pet a certain breed of dog or cat instantly comes to mind. However, for those that love more exotic pets and are willing to put in a little more time and effort a pot-bellied pig can be an ideal choice. “Pot-bellied pigs, including mini and micro pigs, can […]


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