Separation Anxiety

Nearly all pet owners consider their animals an integral part of the family, and treat them as such. Most pets do not make a fuss when you leave the house, although they are always happy to see you return. Others have a disorder that is called ‘separation anxiety’, where the pet’s owner must be in […]

Alternative Pet Care

Many people have biases toward alternative forms of healthcare because there is not much evidence based on research to support it. For them, more science and clinical data is needed to support acceptance of these therapies. Others are completely sold on the idea of alternative or ‘holistic’ medicine because it is known to be a […]

Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Hair loss, weight gain, lethargy and exercise intolerance are symptoms that most pet owners attribute to the onset of old age in their beloved pups. But, especially if your dog is about four to six years old, be aware that these might be symptoms of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a canine condition in which the thyroid […]

Animal Abuse

A tragic, yet not uncommon occurrence among pet owners is that of animal abuse. It is hard for many of us to believe how someone could inflict harm on such loving and devoted creatures, but it happens. More often than not, it is the stray and wandering dogs that have been abused. We must be […]

Doggy Day Care

Owning a pet is oftentimes quite similar to raising children, including the need for finding them a place to stay while you are out of the house. The majority of pet owners leave their pets at home, unattended during long days at the office. The downside to this is that dogs, especially young ones, need […]

Sleeping Disorders in Animals

Maybe you’ve seen the comical home video on ‘YouTube’ titled “sleepwalking fail”? It is a short clip of a sleeping dog that starts to “run” horizontally in his sleep, then suddenly jumps up and slams into a wall! Although the video is seriously funny, there is nothing funny about what might be wrong with this […]

Socially Acceptable!

Have you ever taken a brand new puppy on its first walk, or to a dog park with other dogs? This can sometimes be a difficult undertaking, seeing as puppies have yet to be exposed to many humans and animals in their young life. But pets need to develop social skills just as much as […]

Ear Care for Pets

Hot, humid days are rapidly approaching as summer slowly begins. The season means finally diving into the neighborhood swimming pool, children on summer vacation running through the streets, and grass lawns growing at seemingly breakneck speeds. But summer could also mean painful ear infections for your pet. Heat, moisture and even grass clippings could cause […]

How Cold is Too Cold

Heaters are on and blankets seem to have taken over our homes as we bundle up to wait out the winter season. Luckily, we are able to add more layers or turn up the thermostat if we start to feel uncomfortably cold. Our outdoor pets and livestock are not so fortunate, so it is our […]

Pet Health Insurance

In the past few years veterinary medicine has made leaps and bounds in the types of procedures that are available for animals. Pet medical histories are beginning to resemble that of their owners. Cancer treatments, pacemakers and other surgical procedures are becoming more accessible and common for our furry friends. With the rising costs and […]


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