Texas A&M Veterinarians Remove Oddly Shaped Kidney Stone From Dog’s Urethra

When acclaimed Texas author Elizabeth Crook began writing her recent novel, “The Madstone,” she never anticipated that veterinarians would find a “madly” shaped stone inside her own beloved dog, Francis. Crook’s novel takes its name from a type of stone in American folklore made up of minerals and other materials that would accumulate into rock-like […]

Texas A&M Veterinary Clinical Trial Gives Tabby Cat With Chronic Kidney Disease A Second Chance At Life

Unlike the tender variety of Japanese beef that he’s named for, Kobe has always been one tough tabby. The now 14-year-old male has overcome numerous obstacles in life, including a rough start as a kitten and a weight loss journey from 28 pounds down to 12. “I was 8 years old when my mom found […]

Good Karma: Aggie Veterinarians Save Horse From Life-Threatening Melanoma

Teresa Porter has been taking care of horses for decades, but none have touched her heart like Karma. Karma, known at competitions as So Riveting, is a 20-year-old quarter horse stallion with a  striking gray coat. But with that color comes a problem — gray horses are genetically predisposed to developing melanoma, especially on body […]

Texas A&M Veterinarians Help Beloved Campus Police K-9 BTHO Mammary Cancer

When one of Texas A&M University’s police K-9s was diagnosed with cancer, veterinarians at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) had the opportunity to serve an animal just as hardworking as they are. Jackie is a 9-year-old Belgian Malinois who worked alongside the Texas A&M Police Department as an explosives detection K-9 until […]

Texas A&M Veterinarians Use 3D Printing Technology To Assist In Double Hip Replacement Surgery

A Labrador retriever named Ava is back to running and playing with her family after her second double hip replacement, courtesy of Texas A&M University veterinarians, computerized tomography (CT)-guided planning, and 3D-printing technology. When the two replacement hips Ava received as a puppy wore out in 2020, Texas A&M veterinarians were able to remove the […]

Texas A&M Veterinarians Use Little Devices To Make Giant Impact On Cat’s Life

James Dean, a dapper orange tabby cat, lives a star-studded life. He fills his days playing mischievously with his sister, Audrey Hepburn, and his brother, Elvis, while his nights are spent snuggled up with his owners, Kaci and Melvin Thomas, both stars in their own right in the Austin health community. Kaci is a family […]

Texas A&M Veterinarians Help Horse Recover From Life-Threatening Botulism

Thanks to the quick thinking of veterinarians from the Texas A&M Large Animal Teaching Hospital (LATH), a horse named Tesoro is back on his feet after a frightening case of botulism, a disease not common in Texas. Sydney Reed, a pre-veterinary animal science student at Texas A&M University, purchased Tesoro, a quarter horse gelding, as […]

Perry Family Turns To Texas A&M Veterinary Rehabilitation To Support Beloved Dog’s Quality Of Life

Having gone from a hoarding situation in Tijuana to the governor’s mansion in Austin, Scout Perry has seen the lows and highs of life. Most recently, despite being faced with a discouraging medical diagnosis, the 11-year-old mixed breed dog has fought valiantly and found both solace and friendship at the Texas A&M Small Animal Teaching […]

Texas A&M Surgeons Treat Dog With Massive Salivary Gland Tumor

Texas A&M veterinarians recently treated a dog with the largest salivary gland tumor ever seen at the Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH). The dog, named “Jake from State Farm,” was brought in by a rescue organization but has since been adopted into a loving home. Although Jake had a happy ending, his story had a […]

Texas A&M Veterinary Specialists Collaborate On Rare Heart Procedure To Save Young Tabby Cat

At only 5 months old, Whiskey the kitten was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, a condition with potentially deadly consequences. But thanks to committed owners and a talented veterinary team willing to try a procedure in a way never done at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (VMBS) Small Animal Teaching […]


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