Rescue Kitten With Rare Genital Dysplasia Condition Treated By, Finds Forever Home With Texas A&M Veterinary Student

When Lampasas Community Cats first brought Iroh, a Siamese-mix kitten, into the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH), they were unsure of his fate. Based on his unusual condition, the non-profit organization didn’t know if anyone would be able to adopt him. But thanks to Texas A&M’s Small Animal Hospital, Iroh was fixed up—literally—and […]

Texas A&M VMTH, Gary Sinise Foundation Help Veteran’s Dog Beat Cancer

“Lilly is more than just our dog. She’s more than just our family member. She’s changed my child’s life and made it so much better,” said Laura Deming, a physician’s assistant and Navy veteran from Houston. Lilly, a 10-year-old black lab, joined the Deming family in 2011 as a trained assistance dog for Deming’s son, […]

Rallying For Ramsie: VMTH Oncology Service Saves Life Of Team Member’s Dog

Paula Plummer knows firsthand what having a pet with cancer looks like. For the last 14 years, Plummer has been a licensed veterinary technician in the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVMBS) Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH), and for three of those years, she has been a dedicated member of the […]

Texas A&M VMTH Patient Presents Unprecedented Case In Veterinary Medicine

“Rory’s case was a double whammy for being first-of-a-kind in veterinary medicine,” said Dr. Melissa Andruzzi, the veterinary chief resident at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVMBS) Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH). First, the 6-year-old boxer was infected by a rare form of Salmonella that has never before seen in […]

Big Choices: How TAMU Innovation Transformed Equine Fracture Treatment

Story by Margaret Preigh In 1998, discovering a horse in the field with a fractured pastern joint was a grim affair, especially for an owner like Ake Eriksson, who says his horses are more family members than animals. Unfortunately that’s what happened on June 19 of that year, when Eriksson learned that his horse, Choices […]

Texas A&M SAH Client Saves Hundreds Of Huskies As Medical Foster

Story by Megan Myers In her seven years of serving as a medical foster, Denise Camp has helped more than 250 huskies return to full health and find their forever homes. As a medical foster, Camp makes medical decisions for the dogs that come into her care and pays for any treatments or procedures they […]

Texas A&M SAH Team Faces Unique Challenges Treating Rescued Otter

Story by Megan Myers Fisher, the North American river otter, made quite a splash when he recently came to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVMBS) Small Animal Hospital (SAH) for a dental procedure. Though Fisher came in for a simple tooth extraction, his veterinary team discovered a much more serious […]

Petco Foundation Grant Assists Patients Working To BTHO Cancer

Story by Dorian Martin From the moment Flapjack was adopted as a puppy from the Houston Humane Society in 2008, he became an integral part of his new family. “He was super smart from the time we got him,” said Flapjack’s owner Robert Schmidt. “He was very inquisitive and he seemed tuned in with the […]

Texas A&M LAH Gives Long-Term Patient Hope Using Stem Cell Therapy

Story by Megan Myers Many veterinarians and staff members at the Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital (LAH) recognize Santana Bening. The 24-year-old Quarter Horse has been a patient since 2015 and for several years now has been visiting every five weeks to receive specialty shoes and other treatments for injured tendons in his front feet. […]

Petco Foundation Grants: Supporting The Fight Against Cancer

Story by Dorian Martin Like most college students, Cannon Lenfield ‘20 didn’t have a lot of extra funds on hand when his 9-year-old dog, Liberty, was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2018. Yet the Texas A&M University student proved to be very resourceful in finding ways to pay for his dog’s treatment. “At that point, I […]