Scratching Beneath the Surface of Allergic Skin Disease

Spring is coming, and it’s bringing allergy season with it. While you may suffer from all of the excess pollen in the air, your pets may also be affected by seasonal allergies, or they could be allergic to a more permanent feature of their environment. There are several causes of allergic skin disease in pets, […]

Pets can have allergies too

With spring right around the corner, many of us are bracing ourselves for pesky allergies. Just like people, pets can suffer from allergies, too. While humans tear, cough, and sneeze their way through allergy season, pets usually deal with allergies differently. Dr. Adam Patterson, a clinical associate professor and chief of dermatology at the Texas […]

Allergies in Pets

Many of us look forward to the warm spring weather after enduring the harsh winter months. The spring season brings peaceful fields of blooming flowers and a warm, inviting sun. Unfortunately, spring is also a time when many people suffer from allergies that can make daily life almost intolerable. Just like people, pets can suffer […]

Animals and Allergies

With the emergence of springtime, comes the arrival of allergies. Although the landscape is lush, many people experience the beauty that comes with the warmer weather as well as the bothersome allergy symptoms. Pets can also be affected by allergies and it is important to be mindful of any symptoms that your pet might be […]

The Dawn of Spring Allergies

As the trees start to pollinate, the spring season starts to dawn and so do those pesky allergies. A time to put the winter cold past us and a look to the brighter days are not so bright for those with allergies. Many pets are affected by spring allergies and it is important to be […]

Best Pets for People with Allergies

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates that one in five Americans suffers from all types of allergies, and of these between 15 and 30 percent have allergic reactions to cats and dogs. With so many people affected by allergies, it has become a growing trend to market pets as hypo-allergenic or suitable for […]


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