Texas A&M Biomedical Sciences Students Launch Research Program In McAllen

Since its inception, one of the key selling points at the Texas A&M Higher Education Center in McAllen has been that students will have the same opportunities they have in College Station. This also has been true for the School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (VMBS) Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) program at the Higher Education […]

Twin Sisters Become Fixture At Texas A&M’s Flu, COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

For twin sisters Michelle and Vicky Le, when it comes to Texas A&M University’s Core Values, there is one that resonates with them more than any other: Selfless Service. The Texas A&M freshmen never hesitate when the chance to volunteer their time for a greater cause presents itself, and they are quick to step up.  […]

Texas A&M Higher Education Center In McAllen Offers New Opportunities For Biomedical Sciences Students

“Howdy” may be the official greeting of Texas A&M, but to biomedical sciences (BIMS) graduate Roberto Lopez, it’s more than just a simple greeting. “You go to College Station and there’s not one person who doesn’t say ‘Howdy,’” he said. “It’s like you’re meeting a family, not just meeting an institution; just saying ‘Howdy’ enables […]

From Africa To Texas: A Holistic View Of Wildlife Conservation

“Nothing prepared me for the first time we were riding in the back of a truck and they pulled up in a field and said, ‘All right, the animal is down; go in and get it,’” said Emma Haschke, reflecting on her study abroad trip to Africa. “We would just hop off of the truck […]

Biomedical Sciences Program In McAllen Prepares For Continued Growth

The students wear maroon, say ‘Howdy,’ watch the Aggie football games, and even leave pennies on a campus landmark for good luck. So, in some ways, the biomedical sciences (BIMS) students at the Texas A&M Higher Education Center in McAllen aren’t all that different from the ones in College Station. After all, one of the […]

Cracking Into Undergraduate Research

Chickens’ eggs serve as the foundation for three innovative studies currently underway through the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ groundbreaking initiatives, the Biomedical Research & Development Certificate and the Aggie Research Scholars Program. These programs are designed to help undergraduate students learn to do research. Both are the brainchild of Dr. Christopher Quick, […]

Aggie Research Scholars Program Reaches Milestone of 2000 Opportunities

Undergraduates at Texas A&M University have had more than 2,000 opportunities to participate in research thanks to the Aggie Research Scholars program. A milestone of 2,090 research opportunities have been created for students in just four years since the program’s conception, an accomplishment Dr. Christopher Quick, program founder and professor of Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology […]


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