Dr. Don Brightsmith was elected as a Fellow Member by the American Ornithological Society

Join us in congratulating Dr. Don Brightsmith, Associate Professor in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology and Schubot Center member, for being elected as a Fellow by the American Ornithological Society, the most prestigious professional society of avian scientists in the United States of America.

Dr. Brightsmith has been keen on birds since a very young age. His parents, two Cornell University birdwatchers, showed him the basics and from there he has built a successful career in avian research and conservation. He has dedicated his career to the study of parrots, both in the wild and in captivity. His research covers a variety of topics including natural history, breeding biology, nutrition, diseases, genetics, welfare and conservation. To date, Dr. Brightsmith has over 65 scientific publications related to parrots and macaws. As a professor, he teaches a variety of courses on avian research and conservation and also leads education abroad initiatives in Peru and Costa Rica. Dr. Brightsmith also serves as a scientific advisor for the governments of Peru and Costa Rica. He is the co-director of The Macaw Society, an organization that focuses on the study of parrot and macaw ecology and conservation.

“I feel honored to receive this important recognition from my peers. One is always excited about their own science, but it is very rewarding to have your work recognized by such an esteemed group of peers.”
The American Ornithological Society chooses Fellows based on their “exceptional and sustained contributions to ornithology”. Dr. Brightsmith was one of the 19 fellows elected in 2021 and joins a total of 530 fellows from around the world.

Congratulations Dr. Brightsmith !