Schubot Center as part of Darwin Day celebrations

The Schubot Center would like to congratulate Dr. Caitlin Mencio, Claire Huff, and MacKenzie Lulu Hoffman for representing the team and putting on a great Schubot booth at Darwin Day at The Gardens last Friday night, March 3rd, 2023.

The team brought two pigeons from the aviary teaching collection and chatted with the public about birds, how and why we study them in an aviary and in the wild.  They used our metal TAMU colored leg bands and banded lots of people (put a band on a ribbon bracelet) to talk about the importance of individual marking in captive and wild populations, handed out red bird mint candies, and even set up a mist net with stuffed animal birds.  

We are very appreciative of this amazing team and the opportunity for outreach.

Thank you to Schubot Member Amanda Beckman and the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology team for hosting the event.

Our Center can help provide outreach like this at other events in our community. If you would like to organize something, let’s do it!