Schubot Seminar Series Fall 2022

The Fall Semester of 2022 has definitely been a very interesting and quite productive semester for our Schubot Seminar Series.

We started with a talk from Dr. Francisco Ferreira, a former research scientist from the Smithsonian Institution and a new research scientist in the Entomology department. He talked about the impacts of avian malaria and related parasites on free-living captive populations.

Then, Ms. Heather L. Prestridge, the curator of the Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections from the Ecology and Conservation Biology Department gave a talk about the Innovation[X] awarded project “Light out Texas” and how it is integrating avian research, natural history collections, and citizen science conservation.

In November, Dr. Jeanne Fair from the Genomics and Bioinformatics Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory came to visit the Schubot Center, meet with Schubot Center members, and to give a talk about the long-term studies done by Los Alamos National Laboratory and the number of questions that have been asked to determine species responses to changing environmental conditions.

Also in November, Elise Voltura, a Ph.D. candidate from the Vet Pathobiology Department talked about her work with the Monk Parakeets at the Schubot Aviary that was part of the dissertation recently defended.

We ended the Fall 22 Schubot Seminar series with Keith Andringa, a graduate student part of Dr. Grace lab from the Ecology and Conservation Biology department who gave a talk about microplastic injection in hunter-harvested dabbling ducks.

We thank these five speakers for taking the time to share their research and knowledge with our Schubot Center community.