VTPB405: Microbiology for Biomedical Sciences. This upper level undergraduate course is designed to take the learners through an immersive journey in the microbial world. This lecture- and laboratory- based 4-credit course is designed to provide a learning opportunity for BIMS students to master the fundamentals of microbiology and infectious diseases. Laboratory modules are designed to enhance experiential learning, reinforce and develop the concepts discussed in lectures. Instructors will offer this course in a welcoming and intellectually-engaging setting that facilitates achievement of learning objectives. All students are invited to actively participate in lectures and labs to provide an enriching educational experience that involves peer-learning. This course is offered every Fall.

VTMI689: Bacteria in Health and Disease in Spring. This lecture-based 3-credit course is a learning opportunity for Graduate students to master the fundamental roles of bacteria in maintaining health and causing disease in various organ systems. This course is designed for Graduate students engaged in dissertation research on host-pathogen interaction, and Masters students interested in pursuing professional programs in Health Sciences. We discuss the mechanisms utilized by important commensal and pathogenic bacteria in humans and animals, in their respective roles. We will also explore the innate and adaptive immune mechanisms, and antimicrobial chemotherapy against bacterial pathogens. This course is offered every Spring.