Dr. James Herman Endowed Professorship

The Department of Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology (VTPP) in the School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) at Texas A&M University (Texas A&M) invites you to join our efforts to create the Dr. James Herman Endowed Professorship.

Currently a Clinical Professor in VTPP, Dr. Herman is a lifelong Aggie with four degrees from Texas A&M: B.S., DVM, Ph.D., and M.S.

Dr. Herman joined the VMBS faculty in 1996, after operating a private veterinary practice in San Antonio, Texas.

His commitment to excellence in teaching is well honored by Texas A&M with the following recognitions:

  • Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement in Teaching at the College Level,
  • Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement in Teaching at the University Level,
  • Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Scholar, and most recently,
  • Texas A&M Presidential Professor of Teaching Excellence Award (May 2016).

Celebrations of Dr. Herman’s Impact

“Dr. Herman’s extraordinary contributions are widely recognized by his students and peers. His accomplishments in teaching are exemplary, as is his impact on the Texas A&M University campus. In my mind, however, it is the impact he has had on his students and how their lives have been transformed that is immeasurable.”

Larry Suva, Ph.D.—Department Head, VMBS VTPP

“Not only did Dr. Herman masterfully teach me physiology, but he also instilled within me a love for it. He’s inspired this love within thousands of medical professionals across Texas, having untold benefit for the state and its residents.”

Justin Wolfshohl, MD, a former student of Dr. Herman’s

“Dr. Herman taught me the importance of objectivity, thoroughness, and the artful balance of paying attention to detail while not losing sight of the big picture. He supported my curiosity and fueled my passions as he helped me navigate the physiology of the human body.”

Caitlyn Downs, PharmD, a former student of Dr. Herman’s
From left: Former Texas A&M University Provost Dr. Karan L. Watson, Dr. James Herman, former President Michael K. Young, and VMBS Dean Dr. John August in May 2016

The Dr. James Herman Endowed Professorship

VTPP aspires to endow a minimum of $500,000 to create a professorship that honors Dr. Herman.

We cannot think of a greater individual to be recognized for outstanding teaching efforts that have impacted generations of young Aggie students.

The Dr. James Herman Endowed Professorship will serve as a lasting tribute to Dr. Herman’s educational legacy that has touched the lives of so many.

Furthermore, there is no greater honor or recognition for Dr. Herman than through his professorship.

Distributions from this endowment will support a faculty member in VTPP at the VMBS.

In accordance with university guidelines, the endowment distribution will be used to support the holder’s:

  • teaching,
  • research,
  • service, and
  • professional development activities.

Friends of James Herman agree to fund this pledge with gifts of cash over a five-year period beginning in November 2020.

This pledge may be satisfied by:

  • personal contributions,
  • distributions from a private foundation, or
  • a donor may make a recommendation to fund this endowment from a donor-advised fund.

Support the Dr. James Herman Endowed Professorship

Option 1: Donate online.


Option 2: Send a check.

  • Make checks payable to the “Texas A&M Foundation,”
  • add “James Herman Endowment Acct. #04-32377” on the memo line, and
  • mail to the address below.

Dr. Herman Endowment | VMBS Development Office
Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
4461 TAMU | College Station, TX | 77843-4461

For more information, please contact:

Trudy Bennett | Assistant Department Head, VTPP
Tel: 979.458.7826 | Email: tbennett@tamu.edu