Course Enrollment


In order to sign up for the course, you must email to begin the process.

In your email, please explain why you are interested in the course and if you have any experience working with exotic animals.

You will be emailed back with more details about the course so that you may consider whether or not you will be able to meet the necessary demands.

Registration occurs on a first-come, first-serve basis. The course often has a waiting list for each semester. You will be asked to complete the required paperwork and register for either VTPP 285 or VTPP 485.

Note: You must complete time at the Wildlife Center as a student before you are able to volunteer.


The 285 course is generally offered for two credit hours. Proper time management is a huge part of being successful at the Wildlife Center. Newer college students should understand the time commitment and responsibilities required of them.

The 485 course is offered as a two- or three-credit-hour option. Students are expected to have a good understanding of time management and commitment. These students are expected to already have a good work ethic, work well on a team, and be self-motivating.

Requirements for the 285 course:

  • Freshmen or sophomores will be registered for the 285 course, regardless of major.
  • BIMS majors who have not finished their CBKs are only allowed to take the 285 courses. This is a restriction placed by the BIMS Department, not us.
    • Juniors and Seniors who have not completed their CBKs will be given the option to take the 285 course for three credit hours. This is the only exception to the two-credit-hour rule.
  • Must have a GPA higher than 3.0

Requirements for the 485 course:

  • All Juniors and Seniors who have completed their CBKs will be allowed to register for a two- or three-credit-hour course.
    • With special permission, some students are eligible for a four-credit-hour course.
  • Students who have previously completed the 285 course are eligible for the 485 course.

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