Featured Animals


Sabie is an African Serval Cat born in South Carolina in 2016. Sabie was privately owned but has now found his forever home at Texas A&M. The Wildlife Center has a long history of taking care of exotic carnivores. Sabie will allow current and future students the continued opportunity to gain experience working with exotic cats. He enjoys climbing up his tiered platform structure which gives him an elevated view of his neighboring residents. Sabie is also highly food motivated. He loves earning treats for executing various commands that allow students and staff to work with him in a hands-off environment.


Milburn is a male Ring-Tailed Lemur born in April 2016. Ring-Tailed Lemurs are an endangered species of prosimian native to Madagascar, a large island off the east coast of Africa. He was donated to the Wildlife Center in July 2019 to allow students the opportunity to gain experience working with a primate species. Working with Milburn provides students an exciting opportunity to work with a very unique animal. He loves his stuffed animals, to sleep in his hammock, and to howl to the students while they work around the facility.  He is entertaining to watch as he bounces around his enclosure from limb to limb, playing with his many ropes, toys, and swings.

Elliot- Waldo

Elliot Waldo is an Elk born in Idaho in June 2018. He was bottle-raised by a rancher and released but failed to acclimate to living in the wild. He was captured by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFAG) after he became a nuisance on neighboring property and released 50 miles away in a remote area. Within two weeks, he had found his way back to a camping ground and IDFAG decided he was too human-habituated for release into the wild. The Wildlife Center was determined to be the ideal placement for him and in October 2019, Elliot Waldo made the long journey to Texas. He will now live out his life providing students the opportunity to gain experience working with and handling large hoofstock.


Kisa is a Eurasian Lynx born May 2008. She came to the Wildlife Center from a sanctuary in Arkansas after being retired from an animal ambassador program at a world-renowned zoological facility. Kisa now resides in a brand-new enclosure built completely on volunteered time and donations. She has multiple platforms to jump from, plants to sniff, and many large logs to scratch and climb.

Current & Past Animals

Currently, the Wildlife Center is home to a variety of animals including White-Tailed Deer, a Fallow Deer, an Elk, Ostriches, Llamas, Zebras, Przewalski’s horses, Peafowl, Kangaroos, Prairie dogs, a Green-Cheeked Amazon parrot, a Blue and Gold Macaw, an African Serval, a Eurasian Lynx, Asian Leopard Cats, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Emus, Rheas, Texas, and Desert and Sulcata Tortoises.

Past animals include nilgai, blackbuck antelope, an African lioness, young bobcats, lechwe, camels, alpaca, Iranian red sheep, and bighorn sheep.