We Found a Cat!

So, recently my sister heard a loud, persistent meowing and assumed it was one of the two cats in my house. It turned out it was neither of our cats, but instead another cat was singing outside her window. The skinny little black-and-white cat obviously wanted something, so I decided to give him a little bit of our cat’s food to sate him and see if I could figure out if it had a owner.

The cat was very sweet and didn’t really seem like a feral stray. I would later figure out that the cat is indeed a boy (not neutered) and that my neighbors have been feeding him in the past. I decided to call him “Cow,” because of his black-and-white color, and I didn’t want to call him “The Cat” or “Oreo.” Though the neighbor was calling him “Smitten,” I like “Cow” better.

Currently, we’re look for his owner in hopes that he has one. We can’t take in any more animals in my house. So for now, Cow is my outdoor cat. The neighbors are planning on taking him into a vet to see if he has a microchip. If he doesn’t have a home, I don’t know what exactly to do with him. He needs to get neutered at some point but for now he’s just kind of chilling outside. I made a box up if he needs to sleep somewhere, and evidently he’s getting double fed by the neighbor and I. He’s really sweet though and likes to be stroked (a lot). We estimate that he’s still really young. Hey, if anyone out there wants a cat, look me up!

Staying Healthy in College

I would like to recommend to anyone who is coming to college to make certain that they maintain or create a healthy lifestyle. Before I came to Texas A&M, I ate healthy food, as my grandmother would always prepare a good dinner, but I was never a physically active individual. I did not participate in sports or attend a gym all through high school. But, once I got to college that changed.

I took a required kinesiology class and was only able to get into aerobic running. At first I was disappointed. I never ran and was convinced I would not be good at it. I never was the fastest, but I wasn’t the slowest either runner either. After a while I was able to run for the entire route, usually three miles. Eventually, I found that I actually really enjoyed it. Even after the class was over, I continued to run in the mornings.

Remarkably, instead of gaining weight (as they call it the Freshman 15), I lost weight once I was living alone. I preferred to walk on campus if I had time between classes instead of taking the bus. I brought my bike to travel between West and Main campus when I did not have enough time to walk or take the bus between the classes. I am still amazed how simple it was to get into the routine.

Nowadays I am disappointed if I am forced to miss my morning run. My eating habits, for a while, became trapped in a trend of microwavable meals due to time constraints, but when I do make and effort to include fruits and vegetable, I find I feel a lot better.  What they say about being healthy making you feel better is absolutely true. I have to encourage people to do whatever they can within their schedules to be physically active and eat well.  As difficult as it seem to start, you will be thankful for it later on down the road. This is the start to our adult lives, and it is best to get started on a path that will lead to a long, healthy life.

Ring Day, Thanksgiving, and Family—Things Are Pretty Good

With Thanksgiving coming up, I must tell what I am most thankful for. My family is the most important group of people to me, and they are who I am most thankful for. I had my Ring Day this past Friday and knew my mother and grandparents would be coming. But, I was surprised when my mom arrived with my sister and brother as well. They didn’t tell me they were all coming, so it was a wonderful surprise to have them there when I got my ring.  Getting my Aggie Ring has been an amazing experience. It’s a sort of proof that all my hard work is being recognized, and it is also a promise to continue until I graduate.

Finals will begin soon now. This semester has really flown by so fast. It’s hard to believe I’ve gotten so far already. It won’t be long until I apply to veterinary school.  It’s startling to think that I’m so close. I know I still need more veterinary experience, and I may stay in College Station for the winter break in order to intern for a veterinarian. But, I’m really excited about the possibility that I could be in veterinary school in a little over a year. But for now, my family is here for Thanksgiving, and I’ll have a little bit of a break before finals. Things are pretty good right now.

First Week of School

The first week of school has been incredible hectic.  All the responsibilities really jumped up on me suddenly.  Between school, work, and being a leader for my writing club, I was busy trying to get ready for everything.  I had a hugely busy, but rewarding, summer.  I shadowed a veterinarian and stay with his family on their pony farm.  For a week I was feeding around twenty ponies by myself.  I learned so much from the experience of the summer and it was an amazing opportunity I was grateful to have had.  My dog, Ziva, went up to stay with my family in Colorado and as a trade, I am keeping the small dogs and my cat because they don’t get along with my dog.  Ziva is getting some great training in Colorado and enjoys all the walking and hiking my family is doing with her.  And I’m enjoying my cat and the two little boys in the mean time.  All three love to cuddle, so that makes for a little competition for lap space.  The cat usually wins.  But lucky for the dogs, there are my two roommate to provide belly rubs.  They can’t go on long walks in this heat, but they do enjoy the big backyard they have to themselves.  I’m sure they enjoy being able to play around outside because they don’t get to in Colorado do to the carnivores that could get small things like them.  Now they are about to patrol there own territory and keep out those dangerous squirrels and birds.  They do almost as well as the German Shepherd did, with less damage to the blinds.  But Ziva is making great progress at home; hopeful she will be able to live with other animals soon.  With a lot to do this year, I’m trying to keep ahead of everything and am so far doing well.  This may turn out to be a busy year, but I really think I will be enjoying it.