My Last Blog

AlexAs finals week began for us undergraduates, most of us spent all of our time on studying, in hopes of squeezing the best possible grade out of every class. This finals week was a little different for me than my previous experiences—it is my final semester as an undergraduate.

So, in addition to studying, I found myself reflecting on my time as an undergraduate.

Like most students, beyond the academics, our time as undergraduates allowed us to develop as individuals and make long-lasting memories.

Not only has this been my last week of my undergraduate studies, but this also is my last blog as a student ambassador for the College of Vetrinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM). One of the best experiences of my undergraduate career has been my time as a student ambassador.

This job has allowed me to experience a perspective of this university I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’ve seen high school and prospective veterinary students respond positively to our program here at the CVM. To see others become excited at the potential of attending our university has been a privilege, one that I will remember fondly; after being here for a few years, we can lose perspective on the opportunities we have here, and it’s always nice to be reminded of this.

While I will no longer be a student ambassador, fortunately, I’ve been accepted into Texas A&M’s Master of Public Health degree program at our School of Public Health. This means that despite moving on from my time as an undergraduate, I will still be close to our great college. In fact, I’ll only be across the street.

I wish the best to all current and prospective students. I hope to see you around.

My Final Year

Alex C.Welcome back to Texas A&M for what is hopefully another great year!

It dawns on me that I am now a senior, meaning this is my last year as an undergraduate student here at TAMU. Whoop! It seems like just yesterday I was meeting with the BIMS advisers to discuss what my first semester schedule would be. It’s interesting to consider what being a senior really means. It means some things are coming to an end and other things are just beginning.

For one, this will be my final year as a student ambassador, a job I’ve appreciated greatly since I started as a sophomore. This job has taught me several things over the years. It’s allowed me to see firsthand the excitement this university and our vet school can bring to prospective students. Seeing the passion these future Aggies have for their educations, and for animals, is inspiring. I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to help acquaint guests with our top-notch facilities, and, fortunately, I still have the whole year to continue leading tours and meeting future students!

I only have two more semesters of classes, as well. Right now, it looks like I’ll be mostly taking classed related to my minors, public health and occupational safety and health. Considering that I plan to apply to Texas A&M’s wonderful public health grad school, that’s an exciting schedule. I’m starting to get more involved with public health-centered curricula and getting to see another side of health promotion. I’ve even begun to start searching for summer internships in order to gain more experience relating to workplace safety. Texas A&M offers are some great opportunities in that realm.

All in all, this is shaping up to be another wonderful year. I can only hope the same goes for all of my fellow Aggies. While this may be my final year as an undergraduate, I look forward to what the future brings. I hope it brings the best for all of us and am optimistic it will.

Winter Break

Happy end of the semester everyone! Hopefully, everyone did great on their finals. I know mine definitely had some room for improvement, but as we all prepare for the weeks of hopefully nothing, let’s leave that in the past. No matter how you did, be sure to give yourself some credit for sticking it through. Now we’re one semester closer to graduation! Whether that means one step closer to the “real world,” or one step closer to another educational program, it is still exciting. Every semester I say it was the fastest yet, and every semester this holds true.

I don’t know your specific plans for this winter break, but I wish the best to all of you. For myself, I know my Christmas will be filled with all the great smells, and foods the holiday times classically promise us. I can barely contain my excitement for the afternoons spent with family, rather than the afternoons spent with my poorly written notes. The only thing standing between me and a home cooked meal is a six-hour drive to South Texas, where I call home. A six-hour drive by yourself isn’t exactly what I’d describe as “fun,” but the imagined Christmas decorations of my home will keep me motivated.

Another great thing about this break, is its properties of rejuvenation. It will put a spring in our steps and prepare us for what is hopefully, another great semester for all.

Happy Holidays!!

A New Opportunity

It seems like the fall semester just began, yet here we are at the beginning of a new semester. To my fellow students: whether the last semester was your best or your worst, you should be excited for the blank canvas in front of us both. I hope I’m not alone in feeling that last semester blew right past me at whirlwind speed. That being said, it’s exciting to think about how I’m starting my second half of my second year at Texas A&M.

I am excited to start my second half of my journey here. The idea of getting my Aggie ring is also one that excites me, and a new semester means I’m one step closer to that. As we all start the new semester, I believe we should remember a few things that will hopefully lead to success.

1)   Get a good night’s sleep. It’s amazing what something as simple as getting a good amount of rest can do for you.

2)   Eat a good breakfast. I know this sounds cliché and may not be for everyone, but I really find that a good breakfast sets me up for a good day.

3)   Don’t let the stress get to you. I know this one isn’t as easy to follow as the others, but it may be the most important. Stress can weigh heavily on your physical and emotional wellbeing, so remember to take a breather here and there. Things will be alright.

4)   STUDY. This one probably needs the least explanation, but it’s something I always seem to need a reminder to do…

Overall, I hope and expect this to be a great semester full of great new memories. Here’s to hoping the same for all of you other students out there.

A Fresh Start

As the first week of October ends, my first round of tests is officially over. I cannot believe how quickly this school year has already begun to fly by. This is my second year here at Texas A&M University, with me being still an undergrad. It seems like just yesterday I was in high school looking up all the traditions and signing up for tours.

It may be my second year, but I am still working toward getting the right college balance. As of yet, I find that to be the most important advice I could give to someone who’s about to enter college. It’s all about balance. You need to manage your time efficiently; you only have so much. Finding a balance between studies, work (if you have it), and fun is essential to a successful career here at Texas A&M.

One great thing about our school is the fact that there’s always someone willing to help. Last year, which was also my first year here, I struggled to maintain that balance. I struggled to manage my time properly, and my grades reflected that. Through the help of supplemental instruction (SI) sessions, study groups with classmates who were also struggling, and just friends who were supportive, I was able to curb that bad habit.

This new year, is also a new start. Learning to start off strong, rather than slacking and having to go into overdrive later ties into that concept of balance. It’s an important aspect of it, in fact. This school provides a great opportunity to learn at one of the nation’s best universities. As long as we all keep our eye on the ball, we’ll learn to do great things! This upcoming year may be even harder than last, but I know it’s just the beginning of what I hope is a great academic career. I look forward to the rest of this year and all the opportunities it provides.