Exploring Coffee In College Station

By Kara K. ’27, B.S. in Animal Science student

A pair of iced coffee drinks on a white table with two English muffin sandwiches.

Moving to a new city as a freshman in college can be daunting; however, as both a lover of coffee and a student in need of a good place to study, I have been relieved by the numerous coffee shops open in Bryan-College Station (BCS). There has always been something about the smell of freshly ground coffee mixed with the subtle stir of people that puts me at ease and helps me to focus while studying. Therefore, when moving to College Station, I was determined to take advantage of this town’s variety of ‘hole-in-the-wall’ coffee shops that give the town so much character. I’ve written down the coffee shops that I’ve visited so far in BCS and what makes them so special to me.

Gough Gough Coffee Company

The first coffee shop I visited in College Station was Gough Gough Coffee Company, which is located off of Highway 6. Gough Gough is definitely one of my go-to coffee shops especially when I’m wanting a quick grab-and-go cup of coffee due to their quick services and delicious coffee. This family-owned shop has some of the friendliest workers because they are always attentive to the customers. On top of the friendly staff, Gough Gough has very reliable Wi-Fi, which is perfect for long study sessions that are fueled by caffeine from their delicious coffee.

POV Coffee House

POV Coffee House in Bryan is also another go-to for me. Something that is unique about POV, other than their beautiful building and aesthetic decoration, is their delicious coffee. If you are a fan of the taste of coffee, POV is perfect for you. POV never fails to have their coffee beans roasted to perfection to create some of the most unique and flavorful beverages I’ve ever tasted. This is definitely one of my favorite spots to meet with friends and simply enjoy and delicious cup of coffee

Carport Coffee

Another popular coffee shop that I made sure to venture to during my first year at Texas A&M was Carport Coffee. Carport Coffee is another beautiful establishment that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also produces coffee that is pleasing to the tastebuds. One of the most standout parts of Carport is their food. Any food item that I have tasted here has been very delicious and has remained unrivaled by any other coffee shop. Not only does Carport have delicious food, but it is also conveniently located right off University Drive and is within walking distance from main campus.

A college student sitting at a table in the corner of a coffee shop with the thumbs up gesture.

Sweet Eugene’s

The College Station classic, Sweet Eugene’s, was another coffee shop that was on my list to try. Something that is unique to this family-owned shop is the funky and cozy atmosphere, which makes for a whimsical coffee shop experience. Not only does Sweet Eugene’s have a unique appearance, it also has a unique menu that is fully stocked with delectable baked goods all day long. As for their coffee, it definitely stays true to their name in the sense that Sweet Eugene’s never fails to provide an extra sweetness to their coffee which makes this shop perfect for a little sweet treat.

Every coffee shop that I’ve tried has been unique, but what they all have in common are delicious coffee, immaculate customer service, and great places to study or just sit and chat with friends. Exploring the different coffee shops in BCS has been so comforting and has provided so many great memories with my friends. This coffee adventure has instilled excitement in me for the coming years of college because there are still many more coffee shops here in BCS to try! 

The New Normal

Change is difficult. Change of this magnitude in such a quick time-frame is even more challenging. And now, we’re all adjusting to a new normal.

In the span of a few days, I went from expecting to return to my normal routines after Spring Break to learning that all of our classes were moving online, and then to trying to figure out how to use Zoom and wondering how it can possibly handle 140 people being on the same call all at once (spoiler alert! It works surprisingly well!).

It has now been two and half weeks of online veterinary school, something that I never would’ve imagined experiencing. With classes moving online and having to stay at home, I suddenly found that I had a lot of time on

Virtual hangout session with friends. It was nice to see everyone’s smiling faces!

my hands. And my type ‘A’ personality, determined to channel all of this stress and uncertainty into productivity, has not let me rest.

When I’m not doing school-related things like watching online Zoom, prerecorded lectures, studying, or working on assignments, I have been busy searching for new hobbies and activities. I have always loved to cook and wished I had more time to make more intricate dishes. So now, I spend a lot of my time browsing through cooking/baking blogs for new recipes and even more time in the kitchen.

I even got a NYTimes Cooking subscription! I’ve learned how to make chicken lettuce wraps and cook pasta in 4-5 different ways. My next project is Butter Chicken, and I’m so excited to try it! What I’m most proud of is learning how to make my favorite coffee drink: creamy sea-salt iced

Online school is better with a nice cup of homemade iced coffee to sip on.

coffee. It sounds odd, but it is so delicious! I call it my “fancy coffee”. I also learned how to make my own batch of cold brew, which will definitely come in handy when I’m on rotations for 4th year.

I have also made sure to set aside time every day to do an at-home, apartment-friendly workout or go on a run outside (while practicing social distancing, of course). With the closing of the student recreation center and the gyms, I have been given the opportunity to explore new running routes near my apartment. I even discovered this small park tucked in between two apartment complexes down the street from me. I am so grateful for the chance to get some sunlight and fresh air on my runs.

My cat Snickers is finding that it’s hard to take naps with me around all of the time.

As an extrovert, social interaction is a must for me, and it’s one of the things I miss most. I always look forward to my virtual hangouts with my friends, and even virtual study group sessions because it’s an opportunity to catch up with them. 

I think my cat, Snickers, is having to adapt as well. She is probably wondering why my roommate and I are home all of the time and why she suddenly can’t nap undisturbed. She will just have to learn to accept this new normal, which includes me trying to leash train her (it’s not going very well).

Most of my days pass by pretty quickly since I have managed to find all of these ways to keep myself busy. Although sometimes, whenever I stop and think about the situation that we’re in, I do get a little anxious and stressed. I just remind myself to take it one day at a time and to focus on present and the little joys every day. Plus, I have my “fancy coffee” to get me through.


Finals, Coffee, and Bears—Oh my!

Finals week is upon us!

Ali C.There is truly nothing like a finals week in veterinary school, where it seems you learn an entire semester in one night! There is so much to remember and never enough time, so you are forced to learn as much as you can, do your best, and still be satisfied with never knowing all of the information.

Third-year vet students are lucky and only have three finals this year—but they are all worth a LOT of points, so they cannot be taken lightly. The first final exam is in “Large Animal Medicine,” over 29 hours worth of lectures. No pressure, right?! Our second exam is in “Small Animal Medicine” and ranges from placing external fixators on bones to how to tell if a female dog is pregnant. Our third exam is over “Radiology,” and since it is cumulative, we have to study things from all the way back in August.

Finals week and veterinary students are like hibernating bears and winter. We stock up on food and supplies, wear our comfiest clothes, and lock ourselves in our rooms/library for a week straight, only emerging from the cave for refrigerated items and the scheduled cup of coffee at 6 a.m., noon, and 5 p.m. Our hair always seems to be disheveled, no matter how much we comb it down. We may be sensitive to sunlight and show signs of aggression. Every now and then a friend or family member will check in to make sure we are still eating and sleeping an acceptable amount.

The end of the semester is when we really appreciate those gift cards for Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A that we get in our stockings every year (hint hint, Santa). While it is OK to cry during finals week, I encourage relieving stress in ways like yoga, running, singing Adele songs unapologetically loud in your car, or studying
outside in your favorite park. Resist your innate hibernating instincts. The good thing about December in Texas is the low temperature is usually around 65 degrees and sunny; you basically have no excuse NOT to go outside. It is also important to find a reliable friend who will share their dog with you; hugging a dog will increase study motivation by 200 percent. I have tested and proven this scientific fact my entire life. You also may want to keep the TV playing in the background while you study to stay minimally connected to the outside world.

One thing I have noticed about vet school is that every finals week seems to get better:

  • First year was the hardest: between anatomy, immunology, and histology, there’s a lot of nuances to learn, and you’ve never done it before—therefore, it is completely intimidating and foreign.
  • Second year gets easier: the material is quicker to master and you also have gained the confidence that “if I survived first year, I can get through anything.”
  • Third year we are barely even phased: we have done this MULTIPLE TIMES before, and there is also the hope lingering in the air that this is the second to last finals weeks we will ever have for the rest of our lives!

It’s amazing that another semester of vet school has flown by so quickly; nevertheless, I do not yet wish for it to slow down. Although we may emerge from our caves on Dec. 8 sleep-deprived and wired on caffeine, we also emerge smarter, more resilient, and one step closer to being the veterinarians we were born to be.

Wish us all good luck!