Making Time For Ballroom Dancing

By Hailey D. ’26, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student

Two young women in ballroom dancing dresses posing for a photo in a school gym.

Howdy everyone! My name is Hailey and I am a second-year veterinary student at Texas A&M University. A big hobby that I’ve had since I was a teenager is ballroom dancing. Dancing has been a big part of my life for about 10 years now and has helped me meet new people, learn tons of new dances/moves, and get some good exercise in!

Both my parents were avid country dancers and taught my brothers and I how to two-step and line dance. This quickly led to me finding a group of friends that went to swing dancing halls and getting more immersed in the culture of dancing and expanding my understanding of all the different styles of dance out there.

Once I came to Texas A&M University for undergrad, I was able to join the Texas A&M Ballroom Dance Association (TAMBDA) and continue to learn new styles of dancing.

Within this group, I was able to learn that there are two overarching categories that most dances fall within: smooth and Latin dances. Smooth dances include the waltz and foxtrot, while Latin dances include some of the stronger styles of dance like tango, rumba, and bolero.

Being involved with this organization led me to compete at different universities in Texas and helped my team place in many different categories of dance!

While I may not get to compete as often while I am in veterinary school, I still enjoy going to the dance halls with my friends and fiancé to dance the night away and get some exercise in.

Relaxing in Arizona for Spring Break

By Maria S., ’26, B.S. in Biomedical Sciences student

A college student in snowboarding gear posing with their board at the bottom of a snowy slope.

Taking a break from university life and exams is refreshing every once in a while. This spring break, a step into nature was necessary, so I traveled with friends to Arizona for snowboarding and visiting the Grand Canyon. 

The week started with a 16-hour road trip, most of those spent crossing Texas. As soon as we entered New Mexico, the landscape changed to hills and gorgeous views. My favorite car activities for entertaining myself during the trip were singing throwback songs, listening to podcasts, talking with my friends, and enjoying the views.

Snowboarding At Arizona Snowbowl

At last, we entered Arizona, which was a spectacular moment since we drove on the historic Route 66! It was amazing to feel like I was immersed in the Cars movie. 

When we arrived at the house we were staying in, we only had two things on our agenda — renting the snowboarding gear and preparing for our hike in the Grand Canyon.

All my life I have been a skier, but on this trip, I wanted to try something new — snowboarding. I was very nervous, but I decided to give it a try since all of my friends do snowboarding.

On Wednesday morning, the excitement was unstoppable! We woke up early, grabbed our gear, and headed up to Arizona Snowbowl on Mount Humphreys. However, we were a little concerned about the snow conditions, as we did not see any snow until we were 5 minutes away from the base of the ski resort. The view was breathtaking.

I took classes to learn how to snowboard for the first time, and after many, many falls, I finally got the hang of it at the end of the day! I was extremely happy because it meant that I would be able to join my friends in the mountains. 

A group of twelve college students in winter clothes posing in front of the Grand Canyon.

Visiting The Grand Canyon

On Thursday, to take a break from snowboarding, we decided to go hiking in the Grand Canyon. I had been there when I was very young, so I barely remembered how incredible the view was.

In all honesty, I feel like this side visit was the best part of the whole trip. You truly don’t believe your eyes and can’t wrap your head around how beautiful the Grand Canyon is. The pictures don’t do it any justice compared to its beauty in person.

Standing there in front of the canyon, I realized why it is one of the natural wonders of the world, especially after learning its history and how it was formed. If you ever have the opportunity to visit, even if it’s only for a couple of hours, GO! You won’t regret it.

For the next couple of days, we continued to head up the mountain and enjoy snowboarding. Any sport involving the snow is so refreshing. They are always a blast because it makes you feel so alive, so I am very glad to have tried snowboarding on this trip.

Seven college students in snowboarding gear standing in front of a snowy slope with pine trees.

Making The Most Of My Break

Although my body ached at the end of each day, it was so much fun to experience going with all of my friends. I still don’t know what I prefer between skiing and snowboarding, but I will say this — if you are looking for thrill and speed, go skiing; however, if you are looking to enjoy the mountain and surf the snow, then snowboarding is for you.

This spring break was unforgettable. I got to relax from my everyday life and enjoy a week filled with adventure, joy, laughter, and memories with the people I love. Now, more than ever, I am ready to crush the end of the semester and feel motivated for the rest of the year!

How To Get Started Thrifting in College Station

By Grace B. ’27, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Student

I have always had a love for thrifting and having unique pieces to wear to class. Even on the first day of veterinary school, I had people commenting on my jeans, jacket and shirt that I wore to class.

After sharing with everyone that I thrifted them, I decided to make a guide to the places you can thrift shop for clothes and vintage outfits in the Bryan-College Station area, because looking sharp for any exam while saving some extra dollars on your clothes is something every student can do.

The entrance to a vintage clothing store in an old downtown building.

Local Thrift Shops By Style


  • Burr’s Boho
  • Stage Left

Basic Pieces

  • Alice Attic

A Little Of Everything

  • The Birds Nest (upstairs)
  • Goodwill
  • Second Hand Resale


  • Sweet Repeat Resale

Popup Shops

  • Bygone Vintage
  • 9th Market
  • First Fridays Downtown Bryan
  • POV/ Harvest have thrift popups all the time
A woman with red hair wearing a brown jacket in front of a wooden wall.

The shops I have included are some of my favorite spots in downtown Bryan or the College Station area. These places are where I have found all of my vintage Levi’s, Wrangler, and Rocky jeans. I have also found some amazing jackets like the one I am wearing in the photo to the right. The best part is that most of these items were only $5!

These shops are mostly found within walking distance of each other, which makes it easy to have a study break and hit the thrifts! There is always something special hidden in the racks — it just takes a bit of looking to find them.

The popup shops I included are some of my favorite places to spend a Saturday or Sunday. These shops have great Instagram accounts that will notify followers when they have a bunch of vendors coming with new stuff. They are where I have picked up iconic vintage 1980s Cripple Creek jackets, a world cup soccer blanket, and even a mini cargo skirt!

I hope that this quick guide will show you that even in vet school, you can always remain stylish and find a new weekend activity.

Continuing Hobbies in Veterinary School

By Gabriela H. ’27, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student

Many students believe that once they begin veterinary school, they will not have time for anything other than studying, especially time for extracurriculars. However, as a first-year veterinary student, I am proud to say that I continued my hobby of dancing.

Three young women in purple glittery Latin dance costumes under purple and yellow lights.

During my first semester of veterinary school, I learned that your studies can easily warp your priorities surrounding your physical health when you’re not paying attention. Yet, it is incredibly important to make sure that all aspects of your health are taken care of, including mental health, emotional health, and physical health.

Latin dance is something that I started as an undergraduate at Texas A&M by joining a student organization called the Salsa Fusion Latin Dance Company. I quickly fell in love with dance and, luckily, was able to stay on my dance team throughout this semester. Not only is it a great way to relieve the stress that studying can cause, but it also allows me to be mindful of my own wellness.

Although I was scared at the beginning of the semester that I wouldn’t have time for dance, I knew that it was something I needed to prioritize in my life. As I continued the semester, I realized that I made the right choice; my dance team was the physical and creative outlet I needed. I became mindful of other parts of my life and more disciplined in my studies. In turn, I was able to enjoy my first semester of veterinary school so much more!

About 30 college students posing for a group photo at a dance competition in green (back and front row) and red (middle row) costumes.

When you’re in veterinary school, it’s important to prioritize what is important to you. Vet school will take up some of your time, but you have enough to invest in yourself! When you take time for yourself, everything becomes easier to manage — including school. My advice for future veterinary students is to try to aim for a balanced lifestyle of both education and wellness. These habits will only benefit you once you begin and continue your veterinary career!