Current Funding


Effects of coconut oil feed additive on growth performance, immune function, and metabolism in post-weanling piglets

This project examines the effects of virgin coconut oil, as opposed to growth-promoting dosages of antibiotics, on growth performance, immune parameters, insulin concentrations and free fatty acids in circulation and adipose and muscle tissue in post-weanling piglets.

Role: PI

Co-I’s: Guoyao Wu and Stephen B. Smith, Texas A&M University


Wild Animal Health Fund Award, AAZV

Retrospective characterization of reproductive tract lesions in relation to parity, age, and contraception in captive suid and tayassuid

The goal of this project is to determine the effects of parity, age, and contraceptive drugs on the reproductive tract of male and female suid and tayassuid species.

Role: PI

Co-I’s: Dalen Agnew, Michigan State University CVM; Anneke Moresco, Denver Zoo

Completed Funding


Follicular and endometrial pathology in polycystic ovary syndrome

This application examines the steroidogenic aberrations that lead to hyperandrogenemia and the interrelationship between hyperandrogenemia and the endometrium in the obese Ossabaw pig model of PCOS.

Role: PI