Dr. Dominique Wiener – Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Dominique WienerI grew up in Bern, Switzerland, where I also went to Vet School and afterwards did my thesis and PhD on canine distemper virus. I also successfully completed my residency in veterinary pathology at the Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern and got my diploma as a diplomate of European College of Veterinary Pathology in 2011. I was very lucky that I could learn from Dr. Monika Welle, a well-known specialist in dermatopathology, and I could constantly extend my knowledge in the pathology of the skin. My research focuses on understanding the pathogenesis of non-inflammatory alopecia in dogs. I am investigating the molecular pathways involved in the activation of follicular stem cells and the regulation of the hair cycle. In 2016, I had the opportunity to establish canine keratinocytic organoids in Utrecht, the Netherlands in the Hubrecht Institute. Afterwards I returned to the University of Bern for one more year and joined the Texas A&M University team in College Station in January 2018. Since 2011 I have my smooth Collie “Bajischi” by my side as a constant source of joy and happiness. For as long as I can remember I love all animals and I am more than happy that my profession gives me the opportunity to help animals and animal owners on a daily basis.