Diagnostic Sample Submission

The Texas A&M Dermatopathology Specialty Service provides quality interpretation of skin biopsy specimens from veterinary dermatologists, general veterinary clinicians, and university veterinary teaching hospitals by a dermatopathologist (a board certified veterinary pathologist who has specialized in dermatopathology). Information for skin biopsy diagnostics and other assays can be found in the links below.

Other assays

Panfungal PCR and sequencing for Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissues

The Texas A&M Dermatopathology Specialty Service provides a panfungal PCR and sequencing for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues. The assay can be run on different animal species and tissue samples. Samples can be submitted to the same address as dermatopathology service samples. Panfungal testing can be requested on the dermatopathology submission form. Click here for further information.


Image submission

Please submit case images to ssides@cvm.tamu.edu.

Shipping and billing

Please mail specimens to the following address:

Dermatopathology Specialty Service
P.O. Box 3040
College Station, Texas 77841

For Fedex/UPS/DHL/Lone Star carriers who need a street address:

Dermatopathology Specialty Service
483 Agronomy Road
College Station Texas 77843

Specimen receiving/billing:

P.O. Drawer 3040
College Station, TX 77841-3040
1-979-845-3414 or toll free 1-888-646-5623

Any client that does not have an account with TVMDL should call 979-845-3414 or toll free at 888-646-5623 to set up an account or discuss payment options before submitting the specimen