The Dermatopathology Specialty Service provides quality interpretation of skin biopsy specimens from veterinary dermatologists,
general veterinary clinicians, and university veterinary teaching hospitals by a dermatopathologist
(a board-certified veterinary pathologist who has specialized in dermatopathology).

In addition to offering diagnostic services, the Dermatopathology Service, within the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology (VTPB) at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) also plays an integral role in research related to dermatopathology. Many of the research projects in collaboration with the Dermatopathology Service are related to the pathogenesis of skin diseases, with the hope that furthering our current understanding of how skin diseases develop may lead to more specific and effective diagnostic tests and therapeutics.

We would like to welcome you to our service and look forward to working with you.