Our Supporters

H. Richard Adams“A major priority of the College of Veterinary Medicine is to establish and maintain internationally renowned centers of excellence that will lead veterinary medicine into the future. Such centers that provide both research and clinical services will yield outstanding benefits to our clients and their animals. I believe that the GI Lab here at Texas A&M University exemplifies such a center of excellence, and I hope that you will join me in supporting this program so that its work can continue to explore and expand the frontiers of veterinary gastroenterology.”

H. Richard Adams, Former Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine, with Reveille VI and VII, College Station, TX



Lyle Lovett“My pets play a big role in my life and their health is very important to me. Gastrointestinal diseases are very common in pets and a lot of work needs to be done to find better diagnostic tests and treatments for these diseases. The GI Lab has played a big role in many developments in this area in the past and they need our help to be able to continue this work in the future.

Lyle Lovett, singer, songwriter, and actor, Austin, TX



Wolfgang Petersen“Our beloved cat Ponki has chronic pancreatitis. Thanks to the GI Lab at Texas A&M we were able to diagnose his condition and treat it appropriately. Without the GI Lab developing and performing these specialized tests, many pets like Ponki wouldn’t be able to get the care they need. Please help in supporting their great work.”

Wolfgang Petersen, director (Das Boot, The Perfect Storm, Troy) with wife Maria and Ponki, Los Angeles, CA




Stephen J. Ettinger“As a clinician, educator, and editor I have seen the field of small animal gastroenterology dramatically advance over the last 20 years and the GI Lab at Texas A&M University has taken a major role in this development. I hope that you will join me in supporting the growth of this fabulous institution to ensure many more such developments.”

Stephen J. Ettinger, Los Angeles, CA





Henry Childers“I have been practicing veterinary medicine for more than 40 years. During this time the GI Lab at Texas A&M has greatly advanced our diagnostic capabilities for patients with gastrointestinal disease, and I am excited to learn about future advances that will help veterinarians in their practice on a daily basis.”

Henry Childers, Cranston, RI





Sandee M. Hartsfield“As a former Head of the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, I value the contributions of the GI Lab in our mission of advancing the care of veterinary patients. The GI Lab Team is a valuable departmental asset, but the scope of their contributions to veterinary medicine is worldwide. As most of you are aware, one of the main functions of the GI Lab is to provide diagnostic testing services and consultations by board-certified internists. Simultaneously, research and scholarship in gastrointestinal disease are emphasized, and we are proud of the fact that the GI Lab never loses sight of its main goal of advancing diagnostic methods and treatments for veterinary patients. The GI Lab has a proven record of excellence with a national and international scope, and I encourage you to support this campaign to solidify its foundation for the future.”

Sandee M. Hartsfield, Former Head, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College Station, TX


Katherine Riggert“As a physician, I strive to give the best care possible to my patients every day. As a pet lover, I rely on my veterinarian to use the latest information to care for my pets. When my cat Turtle developed chronic diarrhea my veterinarian submitted samples to the GI Lab at Texas A&M for diagnostic testing. The recommended treatment based on the results improved the quality and length of Turtle’s life. Please join me in supporting the capital campaign of this wonderful institution to make sure they can be there for other pets in the future.”

Katherine Riggert, a physician with husband Tom and Turtle, Higganum, CT




David H. Almstrom with rescue dogs Captain and Romeo“As a veterinarian with 30 years of experience in private practice, I have a need for non-invasive solutions in the management of animals with gastrointestinal disease. The GI Lab at Texas A&M University provides these solutions. The lab not only offers valuable services for my daily practice but also constantly advances the field of veterinary gastroenterology. The GI Lab at Texas A&M has developed cutting-edge innovations, making highly reliable, non-invasive lab tests a critical component towards the life-saving efforts for our animal companions, a success. I am enthusiastically supporting their development campaign to make sure that their work can continue.”

David H. Almstrom with rescue dogs Captain and Romeo, Meredith, NH


Betsy Sigmon with Taco Belle“As a busy small animal practitioner, timely consults are essential to addressing client concerns with their pets. The consultations with members of the GI Lab team at Texas A&M have been an invaluable asset to my everyday management of complex gastrointestinal cases. In addition, their passion for new knowledge has greatly helped to advance our understanding of gastrointestinal diseases. I am extremely impressed with their level of caring and expertise in their field.”

Betsy Sigmon with Taco Belle, Cary, NC