Naming Opportunities

GI Lab - Promoting Gastrointestinal Health in Companion Animals

Several of our fundraising goals are naming opportunities.

A naming opportunity, of course, means that the name of the donor or someone they wish to honor will be attached to that gift. For example, every result sheet sent out from our lab or any publication would have that name on it and would honor that donor.

There are several of these naming opportunities, most importantly the proposed Institute of Companion Animal Gastroenterology, the Chair in Companion Animal Gastroenterology, and the Academic Training Program in Companion Animal Gastroenterology.

For years, we have been dedicated to improving the gastrointestinal health of dogs and cats. We have been involved in many studies that we believe have changed the way we treat pets with gastrointestinal diseases today. But, there is so much more to do—and we can only do it with your help!

Jörg M. Steiner, Director GI Lab

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