Dr. J Scot Estep

Dr Estep is a boarded veterinary pathologist with a clinical slant.  He was born in Bryan Texas but moved to Oklahoma as a kid and graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1992.  He spent one year in feedlot and equine medicine in Western Kansas before joining the Army where he spent 5 years running busy small animal practices in Missouri and Germany, 3 years in veterinary pathology residency, 4 years in neurology and ocular research, and 8 years in wound healing, shock and hemorrhage control research.  Specifically he supported development of the one handed tourniquet and topical hemostatic dressings that have been credited with saving the lives of thousands of wounded soldiers and patients in both combat and civilian trauma around the world. He currently provides private pathology consultation to general practices and a large number of feline specialty practices and lectures locally and internationally on histology of the vomiting cat, necropsy techniques, cytology and other pathology topics. He has authored or co-authored over 35 publication and 2 book chapters and is currently involved in several large studies for GI disease, Chagas Disease, hemorrhage control and would healing.  Since 2008 Dr Estep has provided full pathology support to the largest and oldest feline specialty practice in the state of Texas, resulting in a strong interest and experience with feline pathology and in particular pathology of the feline GI system.  His work on some of the seminal feline enteritis publications and experience with the feline GI system has made him the go to pathologist for feline enteritis.  With over 4000 feline enteritis biopsy cases under his belt he is possibly of the most experienced vomiting cat pathologist on the planet.