CVMBS Teaches Conflict Management In New Video Series

A thumbnail from the CVMBS LCA conflict management video series

Even in the healthiest work environments and relationships, employees can find themselves facing conflict from time to time. Rather than trying to avoid or ignore conflict, the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVBMS) recognizes that “conflict simply is.”

To encourage healthy habits for addressing conflict in the workplace, the CVMBS’ Office for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Center for Educational Technologies, and Communications have teamed up to create the Leadership & Communication in Action (LCA) video series to highlight a variety of conflict management skills.

Each two- to three-minute video presents a new LCA skillset that is explained and demonstrated by a CVMBS faculty and staff duo.

“This initiative allows approximately 30 members of the CVMBS faculty and staff community to share a brief narrative regarding a specific conflict management or communication skill,” said Dr. Kenita Rogers, CVMBS executive associate dean and D&I director. “By broadly representing the college’s staff and faculty at all levels, the LCA Project aims to highlight and celebrate the unique narratives of accomplished conflict managers (within the college).”

Faculty and staff appearing in the videos have completed the CVMBS’ 40-hour basic mediation course and paired up to explain specific conflict management skills and how colleagues may use them in everyday interactions.

Part of the LCA Project’s goal is to encourage the CVMBS community to embrace the idea that leadership responsibilities at all levels require a strong set of communication skills. By reinforcing the importance of being an effective conflict manager and normalizing that “conflict simply is,” recognizing daily conflict and dialogues becomes easier and results in more meaningful engagements.

Dr. Nance Algert, D&I professor of practice, helped to structure the dialogues and provide support to each pair presenting their personal narrative lessons which cover topics such as I-statements, mindfulness, and body language.

“We were interested in broadly sharing a communication and conflict management skill set with our college community in order to support everyone in spending less energy and being more successful in talking with others. We thought the videos were a fun and interesting way to share this super important information,” said Algert.

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Story by Marissa Vargas, CVMBS Communications

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