CVMBS Faculty, Staff Complete Workplace Mediation Course

Thirty-eight faculty and staff members from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) and College of Medicine completed the CVMBS’ 40-hour Conflict Management & Leadership Course this spring.

The course trains participants in workplace mediation, an informal but structured process in which an independent third party helps people in a disagreement create a way to move forward.

This spring’s course was split into two cohorts, the second of which included faculty and staff from the College of Medicine.

Over four days, participants in the interactive training learned about negotiation techniques, methods for diffusing anger, and strategies for acting as a neutral third party. Those who completed all 40 hours were certified as a CVMBS Trained Mediator.

“The CVMBS is truly fortunate to have the resources to invest in our staff and faculty with this training,” said Dr. Kenita Rogers, former CVMBS executive associate dean and director for diversity and inclusion. “Their new skill set in dealing with conflict and communication will have a tremendous impact on the positive climate and culture of our college. Conflict is unavoidable in our lives; having the skills to navigate and address conflict in a positive and constructive manner is vital to our mission.”

second cohort of spring 2022 CVMBS trained mediators
Second cohort, including members of the Texas A&M College of Medicine
First cohort of spring 2022 CVMBS trained mediators
First cohort


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