Wiseman-Lewie-Worth Chair in Cardiology

College Station, TX – Dr. H. Richard Adams, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, is pleased to announce that Dr. Glen A. Laine has been appointed the first Wiseman – Lewie – Worth Chair in Cardiology.

Laine holds professorships at both the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University and with the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. He has an invaluable combination of animal and human medical expertise coupled with academic leadership experience. Laine also serves as Director of the Michael E. DeBakey Institute for Comparative Cardiovascular Science and Biomedical Devices at Texas A&M University.

“I am honored to have been given the opportunity to utilize my research experience and extensive time working with clinicians to help further the college’s program in cardiology,” said Laine. “This generous endowment will add significantly to the advancement of cardiovascular research and medical treatment, benefiting both veterinary and human medicine.”

Laine came to the College of Veterinary Medicine from the Texas Medical Center in 1990 and serves as Professor and Head of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology. He completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in microbiology and physics before earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology and Biophysics with a minor in Biomedical Engineering at the College of Medicine, Texas A&M University, in 1980. Laine is a Fellow in the Cardiovascular Section of the American Physiological Society and an Established Investigator of the American Heart Association. He is a recipient of the Upjohn Young Cardiovascular Investigator Award from the International Society for Heart Research, and the Distinguished Achievement Award in Research from the Texas A&M University Association of Former Students.

“Dr. Laine’s extensive experience in both veterinary and human medicine makes him uniquely qualified for this role,” said Dean H. Richard Adams. “The college and the veterinary profession stand to benefit profoundly from his leadership in this special chair.”

The permanently endowed Wiseman – Lewie – Worth chair was established by Dr. Charles R. Wiseman, Mr. William H. Lewie Jr. and Mr. G.W. Worth Jr. to develop the clinical and research components of the college’s program in cardiovascular sciences, and to advance the teaching and research missions of the college.

Established in 1916, the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the world’s leading institutions in animal health care and research.

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