The Value Of Heartworm Prevention

April is recognized as National Heartworm Awareness Month as a reminder to protect our furry friends against heartworm disease before mosquito season peaks during the summer. To understand the importance of preventing heartworm disease, pet owners should first understand how heartworms grow and are detected. Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes that have bitten a heartworm-infected […]

The Importance Of Feline Vaccinations

Kittens and cats, whether they live indoors or outdoors, can be exposed to diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. Vaccinations help protect our feline friends by preventing the spread of these diseases and boosting their body’s defense against potentially fatal illnesses. Because of this, Dr. Lori Teller, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M […]

Finding The Right Approach To Socializing Cats

Whether they are a purring housecat or a prowling neighborhood cat, felines react differently to new experiences depending on how they were socialized. Owners can choose to increase their cat’s comfort level in new experiences but should first consider different socialization strategies. Dr. Stacy Eckman, a clinical associate professor and the associate dean of hospital […]

Understanding And Resolving Lower UTIs In Cats and Dogs

For pets with urinary tract infections (UTIs), an everyday task like peeing can be uncomfortable and possibly painful. Since UTIs are common in cats and dogs, owners should understand the cause and symptoms of UTIs as well as how to resolve them with veterinary guidance. Dr. Johanna Heseltine, a clinical associate professor at the Texas […]

Choosing The Best Probiotic For Upset Tummies

Having a stressed or sick pet is concerning, especially if diarrhea, gas, and digestive issues are present. A probiotic could ease those digestive issues, but there are some considerations that an owner should be aware of before choosing one. Dr. Emily Gould, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & […]

Making National Dress Up Your Pet Day A Paw-sitive Experience

This weekend offers an opportunity for pet owners to celebrate their furry friends with a little extra attention and pampering on National Dress Up Your Pet Day. To make the Jan. 14 holiday a positive experience for participating pets, Harmony Diers, a veterinary technician at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, […]

New Year’s Resolutions For Owners And Their Furry Friends

With the new year comes the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. While most resolutions are aimed at improving your life, pet owners should also consider making a resolution or two that will benefit the health of their pets. Dr. Lori Teller, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & […]

Firework Safety For New Year’s Eve

With 2022 coming to a close, family and friends may be eager to celebrate the new year with fireworks. Many pets, however, may not welcome the loud noises or bright lights that accompany the celebratory event. Because these festivities may be more than a nuisance for animals, Dr. Audrey Cook, a professor at the Texas […]

Decorating Safely For Christmas

As the holiday season brings Christmas trees, decorations, and holiday foods, pets may take the opportunity to create mischief. Dr. Murl Bailey, a senior professor at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, provides some common dangers for pet owners to be aware of throughout the holiday season. Festive Plants Holiday plants […]

Adopting A Shelter/Rescue Cat Part 2: Purr-paring Your Home

After finding the perfect feline friend at a rescue or shelter to add to the family, many people cannot wait to bring their new addition home. Because cats from a shelter or rescue will need time to adjust to a new environment, Paula Plummer, a Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional certified technician at the Texas A&M […]


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