Texas A&M Equine Veterinarians Work Around The Clock To Save Newborn Foal

Queen Victoria, the German warmblood filly, proved her strength at a young age, just like her namesake, the United Kingdom’s former monarch who took the throne at only 18 years old. Almost immediately after birth, the foal, nicknamed Vicky, became separated from her mother, Queenie, after rolling into an adjoining stall. Their few hours apart […]

Texas A&M Veterinarians Leave No Stone Unturned In Diagnosing Horse’s Mysterious Colic

When Koche, an American Paint Horse, began experiencing recurring bouts of colic, her owner, Cedrick Harvey, was determined to discover the source of the problem because of the 7-year-old mare’s special place in his family. “Her grandmother was an amazing Paint horse named Apache that grew up within our family,” Harvey said. “We really wanted […]

Texas A&M’s New Theriogenologist Working To Solve Animal Reproductive Issues, Share Passion With Next Generation

Animal reproduction is a complicated process that requires a perfect balance of many fertility variables. Most of the time, Mother Nature knows exactly what she’s doing; after all, animals have been reproducing for millions of years without human intervention. But when certain variables — like having healthy sperm or a straightforward birth — don’t align, […]

Good Karma: Aggie Veterinarians Save Horse From Life-Threatening Melanoma

Teresa Porter has been taking care of horses for decades, but none have touched her heart like Karma. Karma, known at competitions as So Riveting, is a 20-year-old quarter horse stallion with a  striking gray coat. But with that color comes a problem — gray horses are genetically predisposed to developing melanoma, especially on body […]

Texas A&M Celebrates 30 Years Of Patient Care, Innovation At Large Animal Teaching Hospital Facility

In December 1888, a small, wood-frame barn was built at Texas A&M University to serve as a veterinary hospital. Ever since that original, 720-square-foot barn served the university’s first veterinary patients, the campus has been home to continuously improving veterinary facilities. When the School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) was officially established in […]

Texas A&M Veterinarians Help Horse Recover From Life-Threatening Botulism

Thanks to the quick thinking of veterinarians from the Texas A&M Large Animal Teaching Hospital (LATH), a horse named Tesoro is back on his feet after a frightening case of botulism, a disease not common in Texas. Sydney Reed, a pre-veterinary animal science student at Texas A&M University, purchased Tesoro, a quarter horse gelding, as […]

Good Bull: Aggies Use New Technique To Heal Longhorn’s Fractured Skull

The rivalry between Aggies and Longhorns goes back more than 100 years, but it stops at the doors of the Texas A&M Large Animal Teaching Hospital (LATH), where Aggies recently worked together to heal a longhorn named Dante, a resident of Austin Zoo. Dante was brought to Texas A&M with a fractured skull that was […]

Aggie Veterinarians Use Special Implant To Heal Baby Donkey’s Broken Leg

Throughout most of history, horses and other large animals with broken legs were considered a lost cause with no way to come back from such a devastating injury. At the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS), however, broken legs have been fixed in a variety of species thanks to a team […]

Texas A&M, Equine Reining Community Support Recovery Of Child’s Dream Foal

At 5 years old, many kids dream of owning a horse. Savannah Mize, however, only wanted one specific horse—the baby of her mare, Lady Bee Packin’, and the reining stallion Gunner Dun It Again, owned by Tripol Ranch. Growing up with a mother who worked in the performance horse industry, this was not an unusual […]

Foal Treated For Leg Fracture At Texas A&M Goes On To Become Distinguished Reining Competitor

Gunnin4Chicks boasts an enviable record in reining competitions, including winning and placing in the sport’s most prestigious events for over a decade. Yet his career performing in this very physically demanding western riding competition was nearly derailed before it ever started. As a 2-month-old foal, the quarter horse colt suffered a devastating injury—a complete, displaced […]


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