Relocating with Pets

The new job is wonderful – the salary is great, and you love the office. However, there happens to be a catch – it requires that you move to another country. The place is lovely, and it is perfect for your family. But can you take little Fluffy with you?   Will she be happy with […]

Safe Treats for Pets

Halloween is around the corner, and while we are enjoying the season with treats, we would like our pets to share the joy too. Pet treats can make a great, safe option when you want to treat your well-behaved little kitty or doggy with a sweet surprise. However, with a plethora of options for pet […]

Pet Care for Students

It’s that time of the year again. Students have entered another phase of their academic lives, and there is so much to take care of at once- excelling in academics and sports, eating healthy and staying stress-free. Many students live away from their homes during college, and caring for a pet can be a great […]

The Human-Animal Bond

Humans and animals have interacted together for thousands of years. From the very first people who decided to domesticate the dog, to the present day “pioneers” that choose to keep goats and pigs in their houses, animals have played huge roles in the lives of many people. While early civilization saw them as mainly a […]

A Look at the Alternative

This year marks the 250th¬†anniversary of veterinary medicine, as the world’s first veterinary school opened in Lyon, France in 1764. However, veterinary medicine has been around since people and animals have coexisted, and there are many ancient techniques in veterinary medicine that have been used for thousands of years. Those ancient techniques are reaching the […]

Hotels Staffing Pets

Hotels have recently jumped on the trend of accommodating pets in hotel stays. However, pet-friendly hotels are still limited across the country and so the next time that you travel for business or pleasure you may need to leave your pet behind. On the other hand a new trend adopted by hotels may allow for […]

Thrifty Thinking

Occasionally money can get a little tight from time to time, no matter whom you are or what your situation. For those of us that own pets, we want to still make sure that they are not neglected and remain in good care during these times when we are looking for more thrifty pet care […]

The Dog’s Space at Your Place

We all know that a happy pet makes for a happy home, so for dog owners it is our job to make sure that the home is a safe and comfortable living space. From big ranches to one bedroom flats our dogs are forced to adapt to the homes that we have chosen. The best […]

Fostering for Thought

Ever have a soft spot for that starry-eyed cat or dog behind the caged door at an animal shelter? But maybe you are not sure if you can take on the responsibilities that come with being a pet owner for whatever reason just yet? Fostering a pet could be a good option that allows you […]

Proper Care of Stray Animals

Strayed or lost … what to do? When you find a stray animal wandering, what steps should you take to help reunite them with their owner and keep yourself safe? “One should be careful when approaching a stray animal,” says Dr. M.A. Crist, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary […]


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