Understanding and Overcoming Your Pet’s Fears

While many of us would like to believe our little puppy has no fear, the truth is that there are many things a pet willexperience that may frighten it at first as it attempts to understand more. “Pets can be fearful of all types of things,” says Dr. Mark Stickney, Clinical Associate Professor at the […]

Potty Training Your New Pet

The day your new puppy first sees its new home is a special day for any new pet owner. Playing with them, caring for them, and watching them explore every room of their new home is heartwarming and fun. Regrettably, many people forget that cleaning up your little bundle of fur’s mess in your home […]

First Aid for Pets

When a friend or significant other gets hurt we generally have a good idea of how to take care of them, but what do you do when your pet is in an emergency?  Unfortunately, most pet owners do not prepare themselves for these tragic incidents until it is too late. “It is absolutely necessary to […]

Vaccinating Your Pet

Even though they may be taken for granted, pet vaccinations are vital for your pet’s health. Properly vaccinating your pet is an important part of pet care because vaccines can potentially help protect your pet against some serious health conditions and diseases. “Vaccines are a suspension of altered microorganisms which will prevent, lessen, or treat […]

Tips for Buying Dog Toys

Tennis balls, Frisbees, rawhides, and Kongs.  Dog toys line the shelves of multiple aisles at pet stores.  With all of the choices, which toys should or shouldn’t you buy for man’s best friend? Dr. Mark Stickney, Clinical Associate Professor and Director of General Surgery Services at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical […]

Dangers of Pet Halloween Costumes

With Halloween less than a week away, many pet owners have already purchased their animal’s costume.  While these outfits can be fun and festive, the wrong outfit can pose dangers to your animal. Although costumes are a fun way to interact with your pet, Dr. Mark Stickney, Clinical Associate Professor and Director of General Surgery […]

Managing Pain in Pets

Imagine feeling ill and not being able to properly express it. The language barrier causes many pets to feel this way toward their owners. It is important to know the signs indicative of pain in your pet so that you can help them manage it, even if they can’t tell you about it. According to […]

You Received a Pet as a Gift… What Now?

It’s the week after the holidays. You received everything you wanted this year… and then some. A well-meaning relative decided that you needed a new pet in your life and gave you one as a gift. What are you going to do now? Mark Stickney, clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary […]

Dealing With Pet Fears

Your cute puppy is usually a wonderful little bundle of joy. However, when lightning flashes and thunder strikes, she transforms into a terrified bundle of fear and bolts straight to your lap knocking down your grandmother’s favorite china along the way. Before wondering if your pet is unusual, wait a minute; you are not alone. “Pets […]

Chill Out Responsibly With Your Pets This Summer

Summer generally is a time for relaxation and fun in the sun. Short vacations can mean that you have more time to spend enjoying the company of your pet. Many people take advantage of the warm weather by making resolutions to get themselves and their animals into shape. However, when participating in exercise activities like walking or […]


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