A Resolution Fit for You and Your Best Friend

As 2009 opens a year of promise, we all start pondering our New Year’s resolutions. For many people the top of that list includes weight loss and exercise. While most people could benefit from this resolution, so could most pets. Obesity occurs in up to 40 percent in our pet dogs and cats and it […]

Gift Ideas

Sure Santa Claus is coming to town with gifts for little Sammy and Sue, but what about your pet? If your pet has been good this year it is time to reward them with a holiday gift. “Pet stores sell all kinds of holiday presents for our animals,” states Dr. Mark Stickney, clinical assistant professor […]

Cancer and Your Pets: What You Need to Know

Almost everyone has known a friend or loved one who has been affected by cancer. While cancer in humans is definitely prevalent, our pets are also afflicted with this disease. According to Dr. Heather Wilson, assistant professor of oncology at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 50 percent of all […]

Cat Food for Thought

Anyone who owns a dog or a cat knows that they will typically eat anything they can get their paws on. While it is not harmful for a dog to eat a cat’s food, it can be potentially hazardous for a cat to eat a dog’s food. In moderation, a cat eating a dog’s food […]

Communication is Key in Picking the Right Veterinarian

As our pets become more and more an extension of our human families, their healthcare and who is providing it is increasingly important. Dr. Dan Posey, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, explains that picking the right veterinarian is a serious decision and numerous factors should be […]

Exotic Pets and Children

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, the responsibility of taking care of a cat or dog may be too time consuming. Left with the desire for a pet but time constraints that aren’t conducive to a cat or dog, some people think that getting a “pocket pet”, reptile, or another exotic animal might seem like the […]

Protect Your Pets from Food Hazards During the Holidays

Sweet treats and family meals are a hallmark of the holidays, but for many of our furry friends, these same indulgences can be dangerous. Dr. Mark Stickney, Director of General Surgery Services at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, tells us how we can keep our pets safe from toxic […]

Make Sure Pet Costumes are a Treat

As the weather turns colder and the holidays approach, many pet owners start thinking of the adorable Halloween costumes and cozy sweaters they can put on their pets. While these outfits can be fun and festive, the wrong outfit can cause harm to your animal. Dr. Mark Stickney, Director of General Surgery Services at the […]

Pet Wellness

Taking care of our pets is a year round commitment. However, caring for our animals is more than simply making sure they have food, water, and shelter each day. Making sure pets visit their veterinarian for regular check-ups is vital to their overall wellness as well. October is National Pet Wellness Month. Sponsored by The […]

Pet Health Insurance

In the past few years veterinary medicine has made leaps and bounds in the types of procedures that are available for animals. Pet medical histories are beginning to resemble that of their owners. Cancer treatments, pacemakers and other surgical procedures are becoming more accessible and common for our furry friends. With the rising costs and […]


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