Clinical Trials: Practice

Within this section, the learner will have access to several resources and learning aids to assist them in their understanding of the application content.

Download a PDF file on general memorization techniques or memory aids specific to clinical trials by clicking on the following links:

Memorization Techniques: Download
Clinical Trials Concepts to Memorize: Download

Discover how an early scientist found the answer to the cause of a disease outbreak.​

Watch this video to learn how you might already be using the scientific method every day!

Learn how to write a strong hypothesis in this video!

Practice identifying independent and dependent variables in this Mythbusters interactive experiment!

Check out this video explanation of variables!

Review independent, dependent, and controlled variables in this song about variables!

Use the traditional mentos and diet coke experiment to understand how a conclusion is formed using the scientific method.

Now that you have the basics of the scientific method, why not test your skills? The Science Detectives Training Room will test your problem solving ability.