Infectious Diseases: Scientist Videos

Within this section, the learner will:

  • Explore how scientists use infectious diseases in their research, careers, and other areas of science.

Get to know Dr. Tizard's Work

In this video you get an insight on Dr. Tizard, how he got his start and what his research revolves around today.

In the following videos, you are going to join Dr. Tizard as he answers some really interesting questions.

Question 1: Why vaccinate?

Question 2: Why wash your hands?

Question 3: Will flu shots give you the flu?

Question 4: Why old people need a greater dose?

Question 5: Can all viruses have a vaccine?

Question 6: Is an infectious disease is potent, how do you know?

Question 7: How do infectious diseases evolve?

Question 8: How are evolutionary changes in infectious agents seen

Question 9: How does medication length affect resistance?

Question 10: What are footsteps in evolution for viruses and bacteria?

Question 11: Are viruses alive?

Question 12: What are the difference between bacteria and viruses?

Question 13: How are vaccines selected?

Question 14: Why aren't there vaccines for every virus?

Question 15: How can microbes be both helpful and harmful?

Question 16: How do they make vaccines?

Question 17: How do vaccinations work?

Question 18: Antibiotic vs Antibody

Question 19: Who is Edward Jenner?