Room Reservations Catalog

About Room Reservations

  • Weekend events may be reserved up to one year out from the event date, excluding fall events.
    • Fall reservations may be confirmed once the TAMU football schedule has been released.
  • Weekday events cannot be confirmed until the class schedule for the semester has been finalized, which is typically by the middle of the semester prior (for example, mid-fall for spring).
  • For any space needs over four hours, please send requests via email to
  • For further assistance or inquiries, please contact Hannah Stott at

Who can reserve a room?

Only faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the VMBS can reserve a room in our buildings through the EMS Scheduling System in the Portal.

If you are not affiliated with the VMBS and wish to reserve rooms in one of our buildings, please email You may browse our catalog of buildings and rooms to determine which rooms meet your needs.

I know which room I want to reserve.

If you are affiliated with the VMBS, and you know which rooms you wish to reserve, proceed straight to Make a Reservation in the Portal. You will be required to log in, and then you may fill out the request form for your event.

I’m not sure which room I want to reserve.

  • Browse our catalog of buildings and rooms to find which rooms meet your needs.
    • Select a specific Building Name in which you’d like to reserve a room—either on the map or by clicking its button.
    • Or, select the Room Type you’d like to reserve by clicking its button.
  • Navigate (using links and floor plans) to different floors of buildings or specific rooms.
    • Photos are included in several room descriptions.
    • Each room description includes room capacity, whether food is allowed, and a list of amenities.
    • All room types and amenities are tagged.
    • Rooms of a certain type or with a common amenity can be found by selecting the appropriate link in the tags listing at the bottom of each room description.
  • Once you have determined which rooms are acceptable, proceed to Make a Reservation in the Portal. You will be required to log in, and then you may fill out the request form for your event.

Meeting Rooms in Departmental & Research Areas

Meeting rooms are not specifically designated to a department and are reservable spaces. However, since these rooms are mostly used by the adjacent departments or research groups, the liaisons listed below would be the primary contacts for reserving the corresponding meeting/conference rooms. 

Please contact the specific liaison directly to reserve that conference room. The liaisons will keep VMBS Scheduling informed of the reservation requests and times. 

VMBS Conference Room Liaisons

Dept/UnitConference Room Number(s)Liaison
VMA 101Q
VSCSSATH 2048, 2026B, 2026DJohnRoss (JR)
VLCSLATH FAC 106, 236, 247, & 264Lacey
Research & Graduate Studies TowerVMRB 108, 208, 278, 308, 378, 408Eleni
Research & Graduate StudiesVENI 308A, 308EApril
VIBSVIDI 328Daeghan

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