Schubot Center Summer Outreach

This summer, the Schubot Center for Avian Health in conjunction with Texas A&M University Vet School hosted a number of outreach events. Our participants ranged in age from elementary school to post-undergraduate, with each group getting exposure to the wide range of research and happenings at the Schubot Center.

Dr. Meredith Anderson explaining about the methods she uses in her PhD research.

Groups learned about one facet of field research from Dr. Meredith Anderson, who spoke about field methods in the context of her ecotoxicology PhD research. They learned about parrot husbandry and physical examinations from veterinary students and Schubot workers like Carlos Davila. They also got to speak with Dr. Caitlin Mencio and summer veterinary research student Alyssa Hartmann about their exciting Avian Bornavirus vaccine development work. Students even got the chance to make tactile enrichment for birds housed at Schubot.

We are grateful for the chance to speak with the next generation of bird-lovers and scientists about the varied and important work being done at Schubot. Thank you to the camp organizers, enthusiastic participants, and dedicated Schubot members who came together to make these events possible and successful.