Parrot Release Network

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Many of our members are leaders in the field and are working to design and test new ways to solve the biggest problems facing parrot release today and use the network to share information on their work. The core communication method used by the network is a WhatsApp group where members can ask questions, share reports and publications, and exchange advice on how to better conduct parrot releases.


The Network also holds periodic public events to allow scientists and experienced practitioners to share information. To date we have hosted an in-person symposium and round table workshop at the Ornithological Congress of the Americas in Brazil (Aug 2023), a full day virtual symposium and workshop entitled Parrot Release in the Americas (Nov 2023), and two series of Virtual Lightning Talks (Feb – Mar 2024).

The Parrot Release Network’s Lightning Talks | Feb & Mar 2024

In these two evenings virtual event, experts from across the Americas share results from their work with parrot releases. These presentations were given as virtual posters at the “Parrot Release in the Americas” virtual symposium and workshop in November 2023 and were a great success.

Each speaker will give a ten-minute presentation with five minutes following the presentation for questions. At the end of each evening event, we will have a “Final Discussion session” to give extra time for questions and discussion after the final presentation is over.

In this program you will find the schedules for both events along with the titles, abstracts, author names and author contacts for each presentation. Please stick with us for the final discussion session.

Parrot Release in the Americas: Virtual Symposium and Workshop | Nov 2023

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A full-day, immersive, virtual symposium and workshop designed to bring together experts on parrot release from across the Americas to discuss and explore the latest advancements and challenges in the field of parrot release and conservation. The program was designed to facilitate information exchange and networking for stakeholders from a broad array of backgrounds including, Scientists, Rescue and Release Centers, Conservation NGOs, and Government Regulators.

For more information about this event go HERE

Symposium and round table workshop at the Ornithological Congress of the Americas in Brazil |Aug 2023

The objective of the symposium and round table in Brazil was to bring together a diversity of actors in the field of psittacine conservation to present information on what works and what does not work in parrot releases, create a new network of parrot release experts and practitioners, and facilitate discussions on how to disseminate information and support new organizations interested in conducting responsible release projects.

In the future we plan to continue hosting virtual and in person activities, facilitate information flow among members, and support scientific research to help our members work together to improve the science and practice of parrot release.  

If you are you are not already a member of The Parrot Release Network, feel free to join our group using this QR code


Thanks to our sponsors and collaborating institutions including The Pat Palmer Foundation, The Schubot Center for Avian Health, The Macaw Society, Grupo de Interés Temático Psitaciformes de la SMBC, Loros Sin Fronteras, and Texas A&M University.