Veterinary Research

Title Published Author(s) Journal Size
Philornis sp. bot fly larvae in free living scarlet macaw nestlings and a new technique for their extraction 2013 George Olah, Gabriela Vigo, Lizzie Ortiz, Lajos Rozsa, Donald J. Brightsmith Veterinary Parasitology (196): 245-249 290.81 KB
Nutritional Levels of Diets Fed to Captive Amazon Parrots: Does Mixing Seed, Produce, and Pellets Provide a Healthy Diet? 2012 Donald J. Brightsmith Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 26(3): 149-160 424.35 KB
Prediction of the nutritional composition of the crop contents of free-living scarlet macaw chicks by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy 2012 Juan Cornejo, Ryan Taylor, Thomas Sliffe, Christopher A. Bailey and Donald J. Brightsmith Wildlife Research 39(3): 230-233 214.38 KB
Predicted metabolizable energy density and amino acid profile of the crop contents of free-living scarlet macaw chicks (Ara macao) 2011 J. Cornejo, E. S. Dierenfeld, C. A. Bailey and D. J. Brightsmith Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 253.73 KB
Nutritional Content of the Diets of Free-living Scarlet Macaw Chicks in Southeastern Peru 2010 Donald J. Brightsmith, Debra McDonald, Daphne Matsafuji Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 24(1): 9–23 214.85 KB
Testing for Salmonella spp. in released parrots, wild parrots, and domestic fowl in lowland Peru 2010 Oscar Butron and Donald J. Brightsmith Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 46(3): 718-723 162.14 KB
Molecular characterization of the cloacal microbiota of wild and captive parrots 2010 Panagiotis G. Xenoulis, Patricia L. Gray, Donald Brightsmith, Blake Palculict, Sharman Hoppes, Jorg M. Steiner, Ian Tizard, Jan S. Suchodolski Veterinary Microbiology 146(3-4): 320-325 146.12 KB