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BIMS Directed Electives Available for Spring 2019

*3/400-level BIMS/V--- courses require CBKs done and U3/4 status


ANSC 107/108: General Animal Science & Lab – Lab requires concurrent enrollment in lecture.

ANSC 210: Companion Animal Science – Prereq: ANSC 107

ANSC/NUTR 303: Animal Nutrition – Prereq: ANSC 113 or ANSC 107, CHEM 227

ANSC 318: Feeds & Feeding – Prereq: ANSC/NUTR 303

ANSC 320: Animal Nutrition & Feeding – Prereq: CHEM 227


BICH 414: Biochemical Tech I – BICH must force – form on their website. Prereq: BICH 440 or 410 (2 hours, can be W-course, Spring only)


BIMS 110: SPTP: One Health in Action (U1/2 only; 1 hour)

BIMS 289: Aspects of Bioterrorism (U1/2 only; 1 hour)

BIMS 289: SPTP: Intro to Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy

BIMS 201: Intro to Phenotypic Expression in the Context of Human Medicine – Prereq: BIOL 112, CHEM 227; Cannot be concurrently enrolled in or have credit for BICH 410 or BIMS/GENE 320 or equivalent (2 hour, Spring only)

*BIMS/GENE 421: Advanced Human Genetics – Prereq: BIMS/GENE 320, BICH 410

*BIMS 481: multiple courses (w-courses)

*BIMS 489: SPTP: Global One Health (1 hour)

*BIMS 489: SPTP: Modern Biological Threat (1 hour)

*BIMS 484: Field Experience (2 hours, S/U)

*BIMS/V--- 2/485: Directed Studies research (0-4 hours, graded or S/U) Research page on

*BIMS/V--- 2/491: Research with a thesis/capstone component (typically 3 hours graded if W-course) – Prereq: 2/485 research


ENTO 208/209: Veterinary Entomology (Honors available, web-based lecture available) – Lab required.

ENTO 210: Global Public Health Entomology

ENTO 423: Medical Entomology –Prereq: BIOL 111

ENTO 431: Science of Forensic Entomology – Lab not required (Spring only)

ENTO 432: Applied Forensic Entomology Lab – Must be enrolled in ENTO 431 (Spring only)


NFSC/DASC 326: Food Bacteriology – Lab not required; ANSC must force – form on their website. Prereq: BIOL 112, VTPB 405 perferred


GENE/BICH 431: Molecular Genetics (Honors available) – Lab not required. Prereq: BIMS/GENE 320, BICH 410

GENE/BICH 432: Molecular Genetics Lab – Must be enrolled in GENE/BICH 431. Prereq: BIMS/GENE 320, BICH 410 (2 hours, can be W-course)


NFSC 222: Nutrition for Health & Health Care (distance-based w/ web fee)


POSC 489: SPTP: Animal Welfare (not advertised)


URPN 370: Health Systems Planning (U3/4) (distance-based section has web fee)


VIBS 243: Intro to Mammalian Histology (U1/2 only; 2 hours, web-based)

VIBS 289: SPTP: History of Neuroscience (1 hour)

*VIBS 411: Tumor Cell Biology and Carcinogenesis – Prereq: BIMS 320 (POSSIBLY)

*VIBS 420: Computer Applications in Public Health Research (Spring only)

*VIBS 422: Endocrine Toxicology (U4 only; 4 hours, Spring only)

*VIBS 426/ENTO 426: Methods in Vector-bourne Disease Ecology (ONLY 20 seats, application is REQUIRED, odd Spring Only)

*VIBS 443: Biology of Mammalian Cells & Tissues (4 hours, W-course, Spring only) (histology)

*VIBS 489: SPTP Science in Cinema & Society – Prereq: VIBS 310 (W-course, Spring only)


*VLCS 422: Equine Disease & Epidemiology (U3/4; Spring only)


VTPB 221: Great Diseases of the World (U1/2 only)

*VTPB 301/WFSC 327: Wildlife Diseases (Spring only now)

*VTPB 409: Intro to Immunology – BICH 410, VTPB 405 recommended

*VTPB 410: Cell Mechanisms of Diseases – Prereq: VTPP 423 or concurrent enrollment (currently waived by professor) (pathophysiology)

*VTPB 421: Infectious Diseases of Humans & Animals – (USVM only)

*VTPB 489: SPTP: Mammalian Cell Pathobiology (Spring only)


VTPP 123: Foundations of Physiology (Spring only)

VTPP 224: In Vitro Experimentation in Physiology Research – Prereq: VTPP 223 or instructor approval (Spring only)

VTPP 235: Analysis and Validation of Models for Physiology Research – Prereq: VTPP 234 or instructor approval (Spring only)

*VTPP 425: Pharmacology – Prereq: VTPP 423 strongly recommended (distance-based w/ web fee)

*VTPP 427: Physiology II – Prereq: VTPP 423 (Spring only now)

*VTPP 429: Intro to Toxicology

*VTPP 452: Fetal & Embryonic Physiology – Prereq: BICH 410 (Spring only)

VTPP 323 is not BIMS directed electives. It will count in the BIMS minor and USVM concentration only.


BIMS Writing Courses

BIMS majors are required to complete two writing courses for their degree.  These courses are one semester credit hour (SCH) and must be taken as satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

  • VIBS 310: Biomedical Writing
  • VIBS 311: Biomedical Explorations through Narrative

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Core Curriculum Courses

Students are will be required to complete the core curriculum as approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Students will have to complete the following core courses:

  • Communication - 6 hours
  • Language, Philosophy, and Culture - 3 hours
  • Creative Arts - 3 hours
  • American History - 6 hours
  • Government/Political Science - 6 hours
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences - 3 hours

For a list of approved courses, please visit the Core Curriculum website (click here).

In addition to the Core Curriculum courses, students will also be required to complete the following:

  • International & Cultural Diversity (ICD) - 6 hours

For a list of approved courses, please visit the ICD website (click here).

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Free Electives

Free electives may be selected from any course offered by the university with the following restrictions:

  • MATH 102, MATH 103, MATH 104, MATH 130, and MATH 150 may not be used as free electives
  • No more than 6 hours combined of 285, 484, and 485 courses may be used in this program
  • No more than 9 hours of 489 courses may be used in this program
  • No more than 1 hour of KINE 198 and 1 hour of KINE 199 (S/U) may be used in this program (2013-2014 Catalog and prior)
  • No course can be used as an elective when the course content of the elective is essentially the same as, or lesser than, the subject matter of a required course in the degree plan
  • No MLSC, AERS, or NVSC course or one-hour seminar course may be used as an elective course.
  • Also excluded are CAEN 101/102, ANSC 400, and MUSC 250, 280, 282, 286, and 290.

No Courses other than KINE 199, BIMS 481, BIMS 484, VIBS 310, or VIBS 311 can be taken S/U to be used in the degree plan.