Veterinarians and livestock producers will be our first line of defense to prevent widespread dissemination of disease agents

How This Site Can Help

This resource is designed to help you recognize the symptoms of foreign animal diseases.  In many cases they will resemble symptoms of more common diseases but it will be important to include the foreign animal diseases in your differential diagnosis. 

If in doubt, make the call to the animal health agencies. If you err, you may err on the side of caution.  If you recognize a foreign animal disease early you save America from devastating economic losses.  What will your legacy be?

  • If you need to review the symptoms of a foreign animal disease briefly or would like a poster for disease recognition to place in your business check out the TECHNICAL CARDS
  • Or perhaps you would like to share disease education with others or review the disease more in depth yourself.  Go to the POWERPOINTS and locate the disease that interests you. 
  • Got some symptoms you’d like to match up to a disease?  Browse the IMAGE LIBRARY

Feel free to use this material for appropriate teaching uses.  You don’t have to ask permission, just be kind enough to credit your source.

The Potential Problem

Introduction of a foreign animal disease (FAD) to American livestock whether by natural causes, by accident or by an act of terrorism would have a negative impact on all aspects of the livestock industry and eventually on the national economy.

Mitigating the Problem

Early recognition and reporting will be the key to avoiding severe economic losses. The better we prepare, the less vulnerable we are.  Every livestock producer and veterinarian must be vigilant and responsible.  The state and federal response agencies are relying on you to make the call.

Suzanne Burnham, DVM
Jeffrey Musser, DVM, PhD, DABVP