Celebrating Independence Day with Your Pet

This Wednesday most people will spend the day outside celebrating Independence Day watching fireworks with their family and friends.  Often, people bring their dogs to enjoy the day’s festivities. There are a few things to know about ensuring your pet’s safety if you plan to spend July 4 outside with your furry friends. Dr. Melanie Bolling, […]

Summer Heat Could Pose Threat to Pets

As we welcome the joys of summer such as swimming, barbequing, and baseball, we have to greet the Texas heat.  As temperatures are increasing-highs this week were in the low- to mid-90s-it is vital to take the necessary precautions to protect pets from heat exhaustion this summer. Although there is not a set temperature that […]

Holidays Hazards for Pets

Holidays can be a wonderful time spent with loved ones and being grateful for everything we have received over the past year. However, there are some things to be aware of when holidays are in session. Our pets can become vulnerable to some holiday hazards and it is important to be knowledgeable and cautious about […]

When the Wild Meet the Tame

With the rapid growth of urbanization these days, people are coming into contact with wild animals more frequently than ever. This means that our pets are coming into contact with them as well, which can sometimes pose a dangerous situation. If you own a smaller pet such as a cat or smaller breed of dog, […]

Springtime Yard Hazards for Pets

Springtime is garden time. Spring is when we plant new plants and get our yards ready to shine. While you are preparing your outdoor areas for your family to enjoy just make sure you take the steps to ensure that it is safe for your pets to enjoy as well and free of yard hazards. […]


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