Current Executive Committee Biographies


Sue Yee Lim DVM, PhD

Sue Yee Lim


Sue graduated with a DVM from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2009 and went on to continue her studies in Hokkaido University. She graduated with her PhD in Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2014 and her research was focused mainly on the application of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) for the diagnosis of canine pancreatitis. After finishing her PhD, she returned to Malaysia where she taught as a Senior Lecturer before continuing her research on pancreatic lipases in the GI Laboratory at Texas A&M. She has since gained her ECFVG certification, making her a licensed veterinarian in the United States and she hopes to pursue residency in the future.




Vice President

Candice Chu DVM, PhD



As a Taiwanese born and raised in Hsinchu City, Texas is considered Candice’s second home. After graduating from National Taiwan University and earned her DVM degree, she came to the US (for the first time!) and started her PhD at Texas A&M University. Despite her love for canine chronic kidney disease, cytology is her all-time favorite. As a busy clinical pathology resident, she enjoys cooking and family time with her husband, her tabby cat Aggie, and her Chihuahua Poodle mix dog, Toby.







Adrian Tinoco Najera MVZ, EMCPG, MMVZ

Adrian Tinoco Najera earned his veterinary degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2009 in Mexico City. From 2011 to 2013 he accomplished an internship and residency in The Veterinary Specialty Hospital (FMVZ-UNAM) in Mexico City obtaining a specialty degree with honors in Internal Medicine and Surgery. Since then he has worked in private practice in Small Animal Internal Medicine in Mexico City. In 2018 he obtained a Master’s Degree with honors from The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with the main focus on Clinical Small Animal Gastroenterology.
In 2019 Adrian was accepted by Texas A&M University to pursue a Ph.D. in the Gastroenterology Laboratory. His Ph.D. research will be focused on inflammatory biomarkers in canine patients with chronic liver disease. He has also joined the Comparative Gastroenterology Society.
Besides Small Animal Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, Adrian loves to play guitar, listen to classic Rock & Roll, visit museums of art and natural history and spend time outdoors.



Events Coordinator

Floris Dröes DVM (Hon), MRCVS,  PGcert VMS

Floris Dröes attained his DVM degree from Utrecht University (The Netherlands) in 2012. Since he has worked in several private practices, at the emergency service of Utrecht University’s companion animal clinic, and at Dick White Referrals (United Kingdom) for his rotating internship, while also attaining a post-graduate certificate in small animal medicine and surgery from the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom). After his internship he returned to work at the small animal emergency service of Utrecht University, before joining the Gastrointestinal Laboratory (Texas A&M University) to pursue a combined PhD and residency program in small animal internal medicine.
He has special interest in all small animal gastroenterology and ECC (emergency and critical care). Besides this he is passionate about training/teaching others, and coaching related to personal and leadership development. For 2019-2020 he has joined the CVM PDA as events coordinator.
Outside the lab Floris loves to do sports (from yoga inspired to strength training and HIIT), listen to music, and is actively involved in the European Society of Comparative Gastroenterology (ESCG) and likes to spend time outdoors and travel. He feels a healthy mind and a healthy body go together, and would love to keep his experience of teaching sports classes up to date while in Texas.
If you have any questions regarding events, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

VIBS Representative

Yu-Syuan Luo , PhD


Yu-Syuan Luo comes from lovely Formosa (aka Taiwan), and he is interested in applying toxicology and human health risk assessment to facilitate public health. He is the current VIBS representative of CVM-PDA. During his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, playing softball, volleyball, badminton, and any other outdoor activities.



VTPB Representative

Lauren Wood  Stranahan, DVM


Lauren is a DVM and PhD student in the Arenas laboratory in the department of Veterinary Pathobiology. She completed her 3-year residency in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology in July 2019 and is now enrolled as a full-time graduate student. Her research focuses on developing a vaccine and improved diagnostic test for canine brucellosis. She is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and enjoys going to the beach and practicing speaking Spanish with her lab mates.




VTPP, VSCS Representative

Jaime Brannan, BS, PhD

Jaime is a true Texan and Aggie at heart. Growing up in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area, she earned her BS degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Lamar University in 2006 and was accepted into the Genetics program at Texas A&M University where she earned her PhD in from the College of Veterinary Medicine. Jaime’s graduate work investigated the immune responses in cattle exposed to Lone Star ticks in hopes to develop an anti-tick vaccine for agricultural use. After spending several years on hiatus due to medical issues, Jaime returned to the CVM at TAMU as a Research Assistant for the Veterinary Small Animal Clinical Sciences department where she coordinates clinical trials for the Canine Gait Analysis Laboratory and collects samples for the departmental Biobank Repository for future research. She is passionate about holistic health and understanding how nutrition effects genetic expression and immunity. In her leisure, Jaime helps others take healthy back by inspiring healthy living through small simple holistic changes that support natural immunity. She enjoys spending time with her family most and will most often be found cooking and preparing healthy meals, cuddling or rubbing the bellies of her pug and pit bulls, and riding her mustang pony.



VLCS Representative

Amanda Schuckert, VMD


Amanda graduated with a VMD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. After several years in equine private practice, she went onto complete a neonatal internship at Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Virginia and an internal medicine fellowship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington Kentucky. She joined the Equine Infectious Disease Laboratory in 2017 as a PhD student and studies the pneumonia pathogen Rhodococcus equi and innate immunity of the foal. Amanda has a special interest in advanced cellular imaging and confocal microscopy.
In her free time, Amanda enjoys gardening and watching the Philadelphia Eagles with her cats Popcorn and Charlotte.