Current Executive Committee Biographies


Chi-Hsuan Sung, DVM

Chi Hsuan

Chi-Hsuan earned her DVM from National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Taiwan, in 2017.  She obtained a master’s degree with the focus on biomarkers in canine and feline chronic kidney diseases at NCHU in 2019. She joined the gastrointestinal lab at Texas A&M to pursue her PhD in January, 2020. Her research focuses on gut microbiome and metabolome in dogs and cats with gastrointestinal diseases. Outside the lab, Chi-Hsuan enjoys doing yoga, cooking, and playing with three adorable roommates’ cats. She also has two leopard geckos, Huahua and A-Ban, in Taiwan. Follow leopard geckos at Instagram @huabangekko!

Vice President, VTPB Representative & Events Coordinator

Lauren Stranahan, DVM

Lauren hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and obtained her DVM degree at North Carolina State University in 2016. She completed a 3-year residency in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology at Texas A&M University and obtained board certification in September, 2019. Lauren is now pursuing her PhD in the Arenas laboratory in the department of Veterinary Pathobiology. Her research focuses on developing a vaccine and improved diagnostic test for canine brucellosis. Besides pathology, Lauren enjoys going to the beach, bird-watching, and practicing speaking Spanish with her lab mates.


Min-Chun Chen, DVM

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Min-Chun conducted her DVM from National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Taiwan, in 2021.  She joined the gastrointestinal lab at Texas A&M to pursue her PhD in September, 2021. Her research focuses on screening and designing the immunoassay for the new identified Feline Hepadnavirus. During leisure time, Min-Chun enjoys playing and listening to music, and spending time with family.

VSCS Representative

Bruna Correa Lopes, DVM

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DVM degree obtained at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Brazil) in 2018 and Master Degree in Veterinary Sciences obtained in 2021. Experience in microbiology with a focus on Veterinary Bacteriology and Molecular Biology. Currently, pursuing PhD in the Gastrointestinal Laboratory to study the relationship between anaerobic bacteria and gastrointestinal diseases. Besides the scientific activities, Bruna enjoys sports such as volleyball and soccer, watching movies, reading books, traveling and hiking.

VIBS Representative

Meichen Wang, PhD

Meichen Wang received her MS and PhD in Toxicology from Texas A&M University. She is currently a postdoctoral research associate in Dr. Phillips’ laboratory. Dr. Wang’s research is focused on developing therapeutic strategies using broad-acting sorbents to reduce human and animal exposures to Superfund chemicals. Specifically, she is interested in investigating the sorption efficacy and safety of clay-based mitigants. Dr. Wang enjoys hiking, running, swimming, and traveling in her free time.

VLCS Representative

Rebecca Legere, DVM

Becky is originally from outside Toronto, Canada, although she considers Marshfield, MA her hometown. She first trained as a biomedical engineer at Worcester Polytechnic Institute developing medical devices, spent time in industry, and then returned to academia. She earned a MS in Equine Science at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, TX, then went to Kansas State University for veterinary school. After a rotating equine internship in private practice in north Texas, Becky went to Auburn University for a residency in equine internal medicine at Auburn University, along with another MS in Biomedical Sciences. She is now pursuing a PhD in the Equine Infectious Diseases Laboratory, researching novel vaccine strategies against Rhodococcus equi in foals. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with her border collies, red dirt country music, and playing (but unfortunately these days, a lot more watching) rugby and hockey.

VTPB Representative

Matthew Kulpa, DVM

Matthew Kulpa is originally from Michigan and came to Texas to pursue his scientific and career goals. He is currently a PhD student in the Diagnostic Parasitology Lab focusing on wildlife parasite biodiversity and molecular diagnostics. Prior to joining the lab, he received his MS degree at Bowling Green State University studying fish sensory ecology and earned his DVM degree at Michigan State University. In his free time Matt is an avid sports watcher, soccer player, nature lover, food/beer sampler, and concert-goer. He is also proud that he has not melted in the extreme heat of Texas…yet!