Current Executive Committee Biographies


Mohammad Refaat Khattab, BVsc, MVSc, PhD


Mohammad Refaat KhattabMohammad Khattab is a unique blend of experience combined the long-term service in industry and academia; he earned his BVSc from Cairo University, Egypt and hired as Instructor for Veterinary Internal Medicine, then received his MVSc in Large Animal Internal Medicine and his PhD in Small Animal Internal Medicine in the same University, where he serves as Assistant Professor.

Mohammad started a new chapter on his expertise book in January 2016 at Texas A&M University – USA, where he was excited about gut microbiome research and microbial therapy. He is studying the immunological and metabolic cross talks between host and gut microbiota and developed a state-of-the-art flow cytometry protocol for identification of fecal microbiota and estimation of IgA coated microbiota, in addition to a novel protocol for discriminating microbiota based on viability.

Mohammad has 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry that permitted him to retain enormous network with more than 12000 senior professionals all over the world. He was deeply involved in planning and execution of all business details, from recruitment to retirement with vast management experience from very entry positions, middle management positions, COO, President and CEO at multinational firms and tier one Egyptian pharmaceutical companies.

Mohammad has a profound intercultural experience whereas he served in many countries and attended plenty of international conferences in Egypt, USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Yemen and Sudan.

Vice President

Jillian Wormington, PhD

Jillian WormingtonJillian began her formal research career by looking at Aedes mosquito life history and larval antipredator behavior. From her mentor Dr. Steve Juliano, she gained a firm base in statistical analysis and population and community ecology. Attracted by an opportunity to expand these skills to include theoretical modeling, for her PhD she worked with Dr. Barney Luttbeg. There she gained extensive experience using R to make complex systems tractable through mathematization and simulation, and using information-theoretic approaches to statistical modeling. For her post-doc she chose to work at Texas A&M University with Dr. Sarah Hamer. Dr. Hamer masterfully leads a productive, well-funded lab with a keen focus on protecting public health, allowing Jillian to apply her quantitative and experimental skills to understanding the variation that drives epidemiological patterns of insect-borne zoonoses.


Samantha Schlemmer, DVM

Samantha Schlemmer

Samantha received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Florida.  After graduating, she worked as a veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center in New York, NY for two years, focusing in small animal medicine, surgery, and emergency and oncology, respectively.  She is currently a resident in Veterinary Clinical Pathology at Texas A&M University, dividing her time between clinical duty, teaching, and research.  Her interests include hematology, cytology, oncology, cancer biology, immunodiagnostics, and immunotherapy.

VIBS Representative

Lee-Jae (Jack) Guo, DVM MS

Lee-Jae (Jack) Guo

Lee-Jae “Jack” Guo is a veterinarian and PhD student in Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies (TIPS) and Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences (VIBS). Dr. Guo is trained in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular surgery research, especially in ventricular assist device (VAD) preclinical studies. Dr. Guo’s research expertise is in cardiovascular translational research. Research focuses include animal models of human cardiovascular diseases, surgical studies of cardiac devices and mechanical circulatory support, cardiovascular imaging, and dystrophinopathic cardiomyopathy.

VSCS Representative

Sue Yee Lim, DVM, PhD

Sue Yee Lim

Sue graduated with a DVM from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2009 and went on to continue her studies in Hokkaido University. She graduated with her PhD in Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2014 and her research was focused mainly on the application of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) for the diagnosis of canine pancreatitis. After finishing her PhD, she returned to Malaysia where she taught as a Senior Lecturer before continuing her research on pancreatic lipases in the GI Laboratory at Texas A&M. She has since gained her ECFVG certification, making her a licensed veterinarian in the United States and she hopes to pursue residency in the future.