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Updated: 02/16/22

Application Deadlines

There will be two deadlines for travel award funding each fiscal year. There are two separate deadlines in order to make it easier for members to receive their funding in a timely manner with respect to their travel dates.

–– Deadline for the Spring Semester (2022) Travel Award application is March 13th, 11.59PM. This application period is for postdocs traveling during Fall and early Spring semester (we recommend traveling between Spring to September 2022). 

– Late applications will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact a PDA officer

Eligibility & Requirements

1. Must be a postdoc at CVM and a member of the PDA at the time of travel.
2. Must be an employee of Texas A&M University.
3. The meeting or conference must be professional in nature and of scientific importance in the student’s field of study.
4. The member must be the first and presenting author.
5. An abstract and evidence of its acceptance is required. If acceptance has not been received at the time of submission, you can still submit an application with evidence that your abstract has been submitted for consideration. However, you will be required to show proof of acceptance before funds will be released to you.
6. The individual must be presenting a poster or platform presentation of their primary research or clinical case material.
7. A member is limited to one travel award per fiscal year ( March 2022-September 2022).
8. If you are applying for a GSA travel award, we ask that you do NOT apply for a PDA travel award and vice versa. The PDA will not review applications that are submitted to both groups.
9. Participation in PDA activities is required: Postdocs who attend PDA meetings and who participate in PDA events receive first priority for travel awards. Members are required to sign-in at each event using a digital QR code provided at the events or meetings. Additional sign-up sheets will be kept during the meetings soliciting ideas for future meetings and your participation in future PDA activities like vendor shows, social events, open house, and research symposium. To be considered for a travel award you must attend 75% of the PDA meeting in the semester that you apply for a travel award and participate in at least 1 PDA related event (e.g., set up or break down a vendor show, help at open house, etc.).
10. The application must be submitted prior to the deadline.
11. The application must be complete at the time of submission.
12. No awards will be given retroactively (i.e. after you have traveled).

Selection Committee & Criteria

The PDA faculty advisors and the PDA executive officers will review the applications and select the awardees. For Spring 2022, the awards will be for up to $500 ($250 from the Postdoc Association and $250 from the home department of the recipient).

This Spring ‘Travel award’ can be used to pay for registration fees of virtual conferences and local in-person conferences. The travel award can also cover the international travel if it is approved by the TAMU.

For Spring 2022 ‘Travel awards’ will follow the same guidelines as for Fall 2021. However, due to the limited number of Fall 2021 Travel Awards, addition awards will be available for postdocs in Spring 2022.  The amounts will be adjusted if there are multiple equally qualifying applicants. If a Spring 2022 award application would exceed the $500 costs for registration, it will be taken into consideration by the PDA executive committee up to $1000.

If all eligibility requirements are satisfied, the following criteria will be used to decide whether the student will receive a travel award:
1. Will the presented research represent the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and its students, postdocs, and residents well?
2. Merit of the research (basic and clinical).
3. Quality of the conference or workshop attending.

Application Procedure

1. Download and complete the Travel Award Application Form. Download link is Below
2. Include a copy of your abstract or case overview.
3. Include evidence of acceptance of your abstract/poster for presentation at the meeting or conference. ***
4. Submit your completed application as single PDF document to

***If you do not have evidence of an accepted abstract by the deadline for the CVM Postdoc Travel Award: Submit your application with evidence of abstract submission and indicate in the comments section of the application when you expect acceptance notification. You will be required to submit evidence of acceptance as soon as it becomes available. If you are selected to receive an award you will not be given any funds until we have evidence your abstract was accepted.

It is strongly recommended that you apply as soon as you have confirmation of abstract acceptance regardless of the deadline date. Applicants will be informed of award status 14 – 21 days following the deadline for application. No awards will be given retroactively (i.e. after you have traveled).

If You Are Awarded a CVM – PDA Travel Award

1. Awards are given for registration, transportation, lodging, and meals.
2. Travel arrangements should be made through your departmental contact to ensure full use of the award and reimbursement of eligible expenses.
3. It is the awardee’s responsibility to notify the travel arrangement contact for their department of their award.
• VTPB – Irene Alcala
• VIBS – Hannah Hardy
• VTPP – Jessica Smith
• VLCS- Robert Bowles
• VSCS- Bridget Sebesta
4. A Travel Authorization Request must be submitted and approved in Concur before you travel. This is done through your departmental contact.
5. Remember to keep all your receipts & turn them in to your departmental contact.
6. If you receive additional travel awards (non PDA/GSA) for travel to the same meeting, those awards will be applied first to your travel expenses. Your CVM-PDA travel award will be applied to the remainder of your expenses.
• Working with your departmental contact will ensure that you get the maximum use of all your travel awards.

Obligation of Accepting a CVM – PDA Travel Award

1. In accepting a CVM-PDA Travel Award, you are required to present your research as a platform or poster presentation at the Annual CVM Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Association Research Symposium (date TBD, 2022).
2. Your poster or platform presentation should include an acknowledgement of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and the CVM Postdoctoral Association for the Travel Award.
3. If you receive additional travel awards (non PDA/GSA) for travel to the same meeting, these funds must be applied to your travel expenses prior to utilizing the CVM–PDA travel award funds. You MUST notify your departmental contact of the amount you have or will receive.
4. You must attend at least 75% of the PDA meetings in the semester that you apply for the award.
5. You participate in at least 1 PDA event (e.g., set up or break down a vendor show, help at open house, etc…).

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