Dr. Teresa Schmidt

Teresa studied veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria and at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany, where she graduated in 2018. She stayed in Hannover and joined the Neurology in 2019, where she obtained her PhD in Systems Neuroscience in 2023 by investigating the microbiome-gut-brain axis in dogs with pharmacoresistant epilepsy. Before heading to Texas to become a part of the Texas A&M University she worked as a veterinarian in a private practice primarily focusing on small animal medicine in Porta Westfalica, Germany.

Teresa joined the GI lab in 2023 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. In her research, she continues to evaluate the microbiome-gut-brain axis in canine health and disease to gain more insight into underlying pathomechanisms and to discover novel therapeutic markers/targets that could help establish more holistic treatment approaches for various diseases.

In her spare time, Teresa loves spending time outdoors and traveling, exploring local wildlife and experiencing new cultures. When she is not on a great adventure, Teresa enjoys reading, drawing and practicing yoga at home.